Pastor Ojo Stephen Gbadegeshin

In my coming Books, I compiled the contributions of the Church to all major fields throughout history. I had all the Nobel Prize winners who are Christians. The fact is that the Church is the best thing that has happened in this world. It was not atheist who shaped our world, it was church people. I listed all the inventions, discoveries and breakthroughs attributed to Church people. Church is more than the building where you meet, it’s the greatest nation on earth, whose boundaries are the ends of the earth.

Recently I was at two different hospitals. One owned by a church and the other owned by Federal Government, in fact the Premier Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. The Church hospital was such an extremely efficient place, neat environment, well groomed and well behaved staff, all full of grace, radiating God’s glory and reflecting His beauty. Everyone was busy, each at his/her best at their duty posts. Someone observed “If you came in here sick, you can get well even without treatment, due to their environment, attitude of staffs and grace.

On the other hands, the teaching hospital is a jungle. Everyone behaving as if nobody can do him/her anything. Even the fruits bought for patient was stolen, when reported, we were rather congratulated that ours is fruits, they said confidently that nothing is safe! If you combine this with gross inefficiency, mediocrity, different Doctors prescribing different things, endless requests for tests that they couldn’t even remember themselves, lackadaisical attitude, unkempt environment, you just have to weep for Nigeria.Someone observes also “If you came in here well, you may end up being admitted yourself because you may fall sick, where you are being played about like football ”

My real challenge is that both hospitals have Nigerians as workers. I am sure Teaching hospital pays higher wages than Church hospital, have better trained staff, more equipment, more opportunities for further studies, better grants from Government etc! Then I got it, the difference is attitude. I am happy the Church hospital reflects the excellence expected of a Church. Our light must shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify our fathers in heaven. I am sure Church hospital staffers were trained by this teaching hospital, but their employer re-oriented them to their own culture of excellence, and they picked it, all we need in Nigeria is just leadership. Our people can change. No wonder we adjust quickly when we traveled abroad.

My real message is this, if you are a Christian, you must be different in your business, office, shops, places of work etc. Let people see Christ in all we do, remember we are not just Nigerians, we have dual citizenship, we belong to an excellent kingdom. Check wherever the whites live and work among us, the places are always as descent as their home country, we must be like that, showcasing the lifestyle of our home country.

I am a lecturer, despite my busy schedule, I have never taught a course without finishing the syllabus or students complained that I don’t know what I am doing, they are on this platform and can testify. Why should Christians Doctors, Nurses, Lecturers, Teachers, Engineers, Journalists,Drivers etc do shoddy jobs and come to church and be speaking in tongues and jumping up. Your office is also your church, that is where your pulpit is! The church is just your training ground.

This is more than all the conferences, crusades, conventions, camping we are doing up and down, it’s in our offices we meet unbelievers daily, and they are even at our mercy, this is where Jesus sent us to show the light. If my professor refuses to teach me, all because he is a pastor and busy preaching all over the world, I will never believe his gospel, if my nurse is so bad mannered, callous and lazy, I will never serve her Jesus. Same to all fields and jobs.

Finally, with this Church hospital experience, the church can take over this nation and the world. We don’t need more revelations of the scripture to do that, we don’t need more Greek or Hebrew Study. We don’t need more doctrine and theology, all we need is to make use of the one we already have. Christian Students and Youths, don’t follow Nigeria methods you saw on Campus, evolve a new culture of hard work, excellence, good manner, attitudinal change, good behavior, efficiency and grace. Let people see that Jesus we sing and talk about in our daily activities.