I learnt Faith from Kenneth Hagin.
I can virtually complete any statement by Copeland.
Jerry Savelle is a reflection of Copeland.
There is a Kathryn Kuhlman inside Benny Hinn.
Kenneth Copeland came out of Oral Roberts.
Kenneth Hagin came from Smith Wigglesworth.
TL Osborn came out of William Branham.
*In this proud and arrogant generation,people don’t see need for a coach.
They want to bé self-made and end up in self-destruct.
*In academics, you’re perpetually under one form of supervision or another (from Pre-school to Ph.d)
If you want to emerge a star without a coach, you suffer reproach.
*Every star needs a coach not to become a cockroach.
*In the field of sports, no star ever emerges without a coach.
You need a coach to emerge a star
You need a coach to remain a star.