Happy birthday to my beloved Father in The LORD.
Truly you're a great blessing to our generation and I am personally blessed to know and have you as my Spiritual Father and Mentor. My family and I celebrate and appreciate you sir
Thank God for the day you were born and The Womb that carried
Thank you for accepting The Call of God on your LIFE and destiny
No wonder You're such a Great Success Story
May God continue to bless and keep you safe and sound and may You remain Heaven bound in Jesus mighty name.
We love you so much Daddy
Fresh Grace, Fresh Oil, Fresh Anointing, Fresh Fire and Unction to Function in Jesus name.
Proud to call you my Pastor...
A man who teaches the word of God,
the word of truth that gives the people power...
the power of love....the love of God!
A man who not only hugs the sheep, but
touches the heart of his flock.
The sheep know his voice and are blessed by his presence.
A man who teaches the medicinal benefits of laughter, and the financial benefits of giving.
A man whose singing brings light into dark places,
and pierces the heart into conviction.
A man whose smile actually means " I love you",
A man whose eyes say " I'm praying for you"
A man whose lessons from the pulpit make you jump up and say I can take on the world, bring it on!
A man who everyone has heard of, most people know, who many people want, but we have him! because he chose to stay our shepherd...
A man I appreciate and love, and who I am proud to call "My Pastor"!
Thank you for accepting the call of God upon your life.
Thank you for being a Blessing to my life.
Thank you for being a blessing to this generation.
Happy Birthday Dr. Paul Enenche.
Happy birthday papa Enenche , more Grace sir. Thank you for building me up spiritually . lm seven seas away but i recieve your rugged and vital life and bible teachings like i am always in Abj 😂😂. The devil is a bastard is my new motto. Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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