Uche Rachel affam
Good evening I am Rachel from Nigeria, I don’t knw how start but please apostle Selman I want u to pray for me I don’t how get to you, I need your prayer urgently please help me my mind is just tormenting me
Iam glad that God has not forgoten us,infact it is a clear indication that God loves this country by planting such a powerful general of the lord here,apostle joshua selman Nimnak.sir i love everything about u and u're ministry,i have been blessed by u're songs(kardosh,ELOHIM U REIGN) and messages,of a truth there are life transforming..........,
This is the kind of preacher am talking about...John the Baptist kinda person. power of God is with this Selma I swear, listen to him carefully and your mental state of mind will change for good. Have not meet him or seen him but his audios from my kid brother bless me deep. More grace Apostle Joshua.
Ameh Daniel Anyebe
His words and teaching are so alive, you hear it today and it's like been seated under his grace for the sermon at the moment. Am listening to September 2017 Miracle Service now. The Lorr increase Apostle beyond measures, amen!

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