SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the power of praise in battle
By: Dr. Paul Enenche
1. Great destinies are often victims of great conspiracies (2 Chronicle 20:1)
If you ever experience conspiracy don’t ever agree to enter perplexity because conspiracy travels with great destinies
Never fear conspiracy if you have not lost intimacy with God
Never fear conspiracy if you have not lost your authority
2. Fear is a forerunner of enemy attack (2Chron 20:3)
3. Seeking the Lord and waiting on God are cures for fear (2Chron. 20:3-4)
4. The help of God is the answer to the helplessness of man (2Chron. 20:4)
5. Some of those you once helped yesterday may try to hurt you tomorrow (2Chron 20:10-11)
You are not in the way of harm if you are not in the path of evil (1Pet. 3:13)
Man can be your greatest asset and also your greatest concern
6. Those who reward evil for good are candidates for Divine judgment (2Chron. 20:12)
7. Those who have no might can connect all might through the Almighty (2Chron 20:12)
8. When you don’t know what to do, don’t struggle to do something, look up to God for direction (2Chron 20:12)
9. Divine direction is the answer to enemy conspiracy and confrontation (2Chron 20:15)
10. The refusal to fear is the beginning of victory (2Chron 20:15; 1Pet. 5:8)
The roaring of the lion is for the paralysis of the victim
The presence of fear is the confirmation of defeat
11. The battle of God’s people is the battle of the Lord and when the battle is the Lord’s, the battle is over! (2Chron 20:15, 17)
12. Prophetic covering is a major asset in battle (2 Chronicle 20:20)
Where prophetic covering is in place, victory is assured
The mantle of your prophet is for the battle of your destiny
13. Praise is what to do to activate prophetic fulfillment (2 Chronicle 20:19-21)
Praise is what to do while you wait for answers to come
Between the prayer and the answer, praise is what you will do to fill the gap
14. When praise goes up God steps down, and when God steps down, the enemy steps off (2 Chron. 20:22)
15. The climate of celebration creates the atmosphere of confusion and confrontation in the camp of the enemy (2 Chron 20:22-23)
It is your praise that makes devil to fight devil
16. Your praise will turn your battlefield into your harvest field (2 Chronicle 20:25)
1. It is praise that is focused, not on the products of God but on the Person of God (2 Chron 20:21)
Don’t be a lover of goods, be a lover of God!
Don’t be a miracle-seeker, be a God-chaser!
The hotter your love for God, the cheaper the battles of your life!
2. It is praise that flows out of a character of Godliness
Praise that comes out of the beauty of holiness carries power
Father, I come before You tonight to praise, honour and adore You. I come before You tonight, not because of what You can give me but because of Who You are. Help me Lord to worship and praise You with the strength of character. Thank You Lord because the Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites around my life are about to be frustrated forever!
Oh Thou sword of the Lord, arise against every agent of darkness, against every agent of the devil after my life, family and destiny, and against the destiny of this Nation; oh thou sword of the Lord, arise and slay them now! (Judg. 7:18-20)
In the Name of Jesus, every demonic embargo placed on my life, today is your end! GO!
– Every door that been closed against you is opened right now!
– Your destiny shall defeat the conspiracy!
– God Who brought you out will take you in! Your life’s journey cannot be arrested on the way!
– Everyone that has conspired against you, today, they shall finish each other!
– I deploy the mantle on my life to tackle the battle of your destiny!
– By your praise tonight, every battle in your life is eliminated!
– What this praise will accomplish in your life, for the next three days you will be struggling to recover!
– Whatever has been you battlefield, for the next 3 days, you shall be reaping harvest from that field!
– The tenure of the terrorists and killer herdsmen expires today in this nation!
– We declare today, that Nigeria is a free Nation!
– We shall see the end of every killer and terrorist in this Nation, they shall not see our end!
– That battle in your life, you shall see the end of it today!
– Let the sword of the Lord be drunk with the blood of the wicked in this season!
– By the sword of the Lord, every conspiracy around your life that won’t let you rest, I command them laid to rest! (Judg. 7:18-20)
– Every agent of the enemy that won’t let you rest, I release the sword of the Lord and I declare the agents of the devil laid to rest! (Judge. 7:18-20)
– A door the devil closed has just been opened!
– A negative family pattern has just been terminated!
– Your long awaited testimony has just arrived!
– Something that you have been stretching to reach for a while, today, your hand has reached it!
– You are young but you will make a difference! What others in your family could not achieve, you will achieve it!
– What arrested others cannot arrest you, what stopped others cannot stop you, and what killed others cannot kill you!
– Everything the devil has tried to damage in your family is hereby corrected!
– What tied others in your family cannot tie you down! What killed others shall not kill you! You must fulfil your days!
– Overnight, God will unravel mysteries around you and He will open your eyes to see answers to questions around your life!