Many have heard or rather spoke lots as regards this incidence that played out at the University of Ibadan zoo in the year 1991 about a prophet who was killed and eaten by lions in the zoo but as you read on you get to discover what and how it happened.

The University of Ibadan zoological garden is situated inside the institution of the higher learning. It was established in the year 1948 primarily to enhance teaching and research in the department of zoology.

As time went by, the animal collection grew in number until it became a full-fledged zoo in 1974.

Ever since then, the zoo as then served as a means of entertainment for visitors both far and near with a wide array of animals comprising of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

On that fateful day (for the man though), the city of Ibadan was buzzing as it was during the Lenten season in the year 1991. The garden was filled with guests as usual checking out the various sections of the zoo in which the Lion’s “kingdom” was part of it. Unknown to the management and the guest there, prophet Daniel Abodunrin who had an alternate plan which was not to see and take pictures of the lions but to demonstrate power as claimed by him. His goal was to repeat what happened in the book of Daniel chapter 6 verse 22. As reported by witnesses and passive voices, it was said that the red robed prophet with his huge Holy bible sneaked in while some claimed he persuaded the managers of the zoo to allow him showcase signs and wonders proclaiming that the God whom the Biblical Daniel served still exists.

Amidst several reports, one thing was clear which was that prophet Abodunrin found his way into the walled section where the lions were. As he made his move, families around who were having fun were dazed, made shouts so as to stop Abodunrin but all was to no avail while some were expecting a miracle to turn out seeing how confident the prophet was. So inspired, full of energy and passion, the Nigerian prophet Daniel was so convinced that God would spare him as He did for the young Hebrew man.

As he moved closer to the animals reciting bible verses and speaking in other tongues, as usual the lions retreated to their confine as it is customary for wild animals. Immediately the lions retreated, some assumed that God had begun His work to control the animals seeing that they moved back. Without a second thought, the prophet approached the lions as he continues to chew the scriptures and that led to the end of the journey in the wonder land.

This day was indeed an unexpected moment for the minster, but unfortunate for him the lions turned out to attack him since his miracle mission turned out to be a threatening to them. The prophet couldn’t believe his eyes as the lions launched an attack at him; dashing on him and tearing him into smacks for consumption. His robe and bible were drenched in blood as the animals fed on his remains.

Hours after the scene took place, it was reported that Christians who heard about the incidence agitated that the lions be slaughtered saying that they were possessed by evil spirits. There have been notable incidents likened to this act, some of which were about a minister who suffocated while attempting to walk on water and another who entered a lion’s niche in Taiwan.

While I was growing up especially in the church where I worshipped, our Sunday school teacher used to paint a picture of the incident that took place then in 1991, encouraging us to listen and obey God’s instruction and also  be faithful as a believer which was one of the characteristics the Jewish prophet named Daniel exhibited.

This is a man who was so devoted and diligent, he followed instructions as ordered by God without any addition nor subtraction.

But his actions (worship to the only supreme God) vexed his mates which led to the signing of a petition against him [Daniel 6: 8-9] and was thrown into the lion’s den [Daniel 6: 16 -17] but was delivered by God.

True followers of Christ knows one thing for sure which is that no one can stage a move for God.

He gives instructions as He desires and is ever ready to back His children up no matter the situation.

The book of Isaiah 55: 8 – 9 emphasizes that;

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways are your ways, says the Lord,

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”