Bishop David Oyedepo (Papa), while taking his exhortation at the Covenant Hour of Prayer (CHOP) told the congregation that “God requires that we make specific demands in prayer (John 16:24 and James 4:2) and nothing can be more frustrating on the altar of prayer like ambiguity in prayer”.
According to Bishop, “when Kingdom advancement becomes our priority in prayer it enforces our faith for dominion”. To further buttress the above, Papa gave examples of men from the scripture who made specific prayers: Nehemiah and Elisha.
Quoting Nehemiah 2:4-8, Papa informed the congregation that Nehemiah itemised his request before the King. Nehemiah demanded permission to go build the wall of his hometown. Bishop stated that Nehemiah was determined and specific. Nehemiah did not only ask for freedom, he also requested a letter as an escort – a proof of his liberation. In addition, Nehemiah requested for materials to build the wall. In the same vein, Elisha was specific, he wanted double of what Elijah carried and he got it (2 Kings 29:10).
Furthermore, Bishop said “God responds faster to specifics in prayer than ambiguity”, and although, God is a prayer answering God, He answers faster to specific prayers. Bishop reiterated: “We must continue to make specific demands to the God of multiplication in this season of revival because it is the platform for our new-dawn package as individuals. We must not toy with it but run with it” Papa admonished.
Finally, Bishop said, “we are on a rescue mission which is a mission of the commission and our enthronement is in it”. Therefore, “our enthronement – testimonies are the fringe benefits of service/stewardship”.

  • Lord give me grace for passionate pursuit of souls.


  • This year marks a new dawn in your health, career and business.
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