The name Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche is not a strange name both the body of Christ and the nation as a whole.
Dr. Paul as he is called is the Senior Pastor of the Dunamis Gospel International Church, with the Church Headquarters in Abuja and branches within and outside the nation.
Talking about this humble minister he has by the help of God taught and is still teaching the word of Life thereby communicating light to millions of people which has brought hope to the hopeless giving them a renewed reason to fulfill destiny.
He has also been able to access the realm of God delivering into the body of Christ new worship songs in communicating and touching the heart of the father: the king eternal, this has also been communicated to young believers who the Lord has gifted with ministry of ministering to God and his people through songs hereby birthing the release of new songs from various ministers an example is the worship song titled “You are Great” by Steve Crown.
The story isn’t complete if I fail to mention his zeal and passion for the things of God thereby birthing in himself and the millions of people connected to him a fresh love for God and others which scriptures recognizes as the greatest command.
The ministry also has also been able to reduce the unemployment rate in the nation through the provision of jobs both skilled and unskilled through the different building projects, establishment of schools and other ventures.
Also his contribution to his immediate community cannot but be mentioned, provision of transformers to enhance electricity supply in different areas, scholarships at different levels to put the children in school and make them better and responsible citizen of this great nation.
On a personal note I would like to say that his praise of the Father: the king eternal got me hooked up to him and the ministry and also his passion to see the youths in this generation become great and even far greater than him, through the various opportunity platform he made available example of such is his permission to allow the youth minister during conferences including the international conferences, he sure has a heart for the youth.
On a final note I would also like to mention his recognition of the female gender at various levels, this has helped built a strong sense of belonging in the female gender hence making it possible for them to freely express who God has made them both to the body of Christ and also at various levels: home, career etc.

Pastor Paul Enenche is a Charismatic and an Energetic Minister with Sporadic Power of God evident in his Life and Ministry, settling the captives free and letting the Oppressed go free.
There is so much power moves and Manifestation of the Spirit in Dunamis Services, its so massive, that the reality is been practically expressed in almost every of the meetings, especially the Minister’s Conference and other special Programs;
There as been a number of Times when we had records of the Dead coming back to Life, been prayed for both by God’s Servant himself and also by Church members, we have also had both during Church services and non-service days cases of the Mad getting Healed from Insanity and been set at Liberty, God is doing some high and mind blowing work at Dunamis Abuja, and his servant, as been a major mover and facilitator of what God is doing in the midst of his people.
Dunamis is not just know for Spiritual Warfare alone, but also for Welfare, both for the Nation and also the Church as a whole.
Daddy Paul Enenche is called for the recovery of the Destiny and Dignity of Man kind, this assignment, he as committed himself unto for a very longtime and till now, it is evidently obvious in his Life and Ministry, both Spiritually and Physically, Destiny and Dignity of Millions of people all across the Globe is been restored and Recovered;
I have a number of Testimony to point at, for the validity of what am saying right here;
We’ve had instances of people been kidnapped and set to die in the coven of the enemy, and Daddy physically appear there (As God uses him to appear many times to set people free, especially those connected to his Unction) and set the lady free, and all the Diviners, Herbalists, Enchanters fell down and die on the SPOT right now; when the testifier was sharing this testimony in Church on Sunday, it was discovered that Pastor Paul was in Church at that same day and time, while God was using his appearance in another city entirely to set someone free from all oppression and affliction of the Devil.
Another notable testimony is countless number of instant healing that take place most of times, during their church services.