Testimony by Olusegu Daniel Usherfemi
Guys….. Before I checked in in Abuja airport,
told me to withdraw the alarm that brother who started building gave me this morning… We said a specific word over him him January when he sowed a seed how God told us he will have a project in February… He said next day he got a land and started a project and decided to reciprocate again.

I did and waited.. We boarded I was asking God, what will I do with it?.. I saw professor wole Soyinka, we were boarding same plane and I began rehearsing how to meet him and give him the money to connect to what he carries what makes whole world know him… Was just carefully listening for who God wants me to give.
But as we boarded, I saw sombody who looked like the music leader of Kiononia I wasn’t sure and I left it…
Getting of the plane in Lagos.. God said look ahead… And I saw Apostle Joshua selman, meaning we boarded same plane… Am sure he used the First Class.
He didn’t recognise my face and I told him I was the guy who came from ABUJA and gave him my only land… And he said “oooh Waooo Waooo I have been looking for u waooooo”
Before he spoke anything I told him sir.. Do u know what happened afterwards? he said no… I told him I have 9 lands now and one estate just last week Thursday…. Aahhh
He shook his head and called his crew like 4 of them… To hear the testimony ayayayayayayayayay
He told me to call him send him personal message and he gave me a personal invitation to Zaria!!!! I had wanted to go again to update him. My wife said she wana join me this time lol.. So we have been waiting for a perfect time
Guys if u know me and u dnt learn giving I will Never forgive u aahhhhhhhhhh and I was waiting for my bag, God told me what about the money I withdrew? Now go give him… Aahhh and I rushed there where he was standing I knelt down in front of the whole people there while he prayed after I gave him the cash for he he said i shouldn’t kneel down but I did
Guys I just feel like crying… I almost missed this flight… Around 11pm last night I remember my pasport is with my immigration lawyer I dnt have any ID card or drivers liscence.. Kai I called the lawyer last nigh to please wake up 5am and open office for me…. What if I didn’t remember till it was late and I missed that flight?
Some encounters that can change your life forever …kai…
Strange things are happening to me, I met three mentors of mine I to planned to meet to launch me into a deep realm of dangerous kingdom dimension, and all was orchestrated and perfected in February in 17 days.. kai … Scary something….this man of God just returned fresh from his trip to the United State aahhhhhh what a glory!!!!