The bible says, for the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to pulling down of strongholds – 2 Corinthians 10 : 4 .

Any christian that wants to be an over comer, must be a prayer warrior, Jesus started his ministry with prayer and he ended it with prayer, prayer is a mighty spiritual tool in the hand of any believer, and that is why we mustn’t joke with effectual fervent order of prayer if we must take our delivery and have the victory we deserve.

Today I will be showing you some of the major importance of praying the mid-night and why you need to begin to keep watch at night and pray unto The Lord that answered prayers.

There are many mysteries in the kingdom of God and prayer is one of those mysteries that we engage to have our delivery and our victory as we want them; take it or leave it, there are enemies, there are powers and principalities of darkness that until you engage prayer, you can never suppress them, as a matter of fact, you must engage prayer cum fasting as Jesus told his disciples in – Matthew 17 : 21  “Howebeit, this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting”.

So What are The Benefits of Praying in The Night?
The bible told us of many times when Jesus would wake up in the night to go and pray, it was also said of him that early in the morning before the people woke up, he would go and pray, so Jesus doesn’t play with his prayer times, he observe them consistently.

1. It is a very sensitive hour in the realm of the spirit, Jesus speaking in John 9 vs 4 – I work the work of him that sent me, and i’d be busy with his business while it is day, Night cometh when no man can work, Now there is a powerful mystery there, during the day; Men are working, but at night spirits are at work, so when you as a man rise up at night to pray, you tend to engage spiritual principles and realm better than day.

Because spirits are more active in the night than day, so you can engage the holyspirit and the angels better at night than day.
2. This is also The time When Demons and Powers of Darkness Carry Out Their Operations; You must be very sensitive, like i mention in the point one above, it is the time when spirit are more active, and the kingdom of darkness are not exempted, they also carry out spiritual reactions more at night than during the day.

The bible says ” While men sleep, his enemy came, and pour weeds (resembling wheat) into the wheat; Matthew 13 : 25.

So with that understanding we realize that, the enemy is always targeting to attack at Night more than day, even at times when the attack comes in the day, it as been program and done in the realm of the spirit at Night.

And the only way to best deal with the enemy’s work over your life is to stand in gap at night hours and lift up your voice to the heavens, position yourself with christ in the heavenly places far above principalities and powers of darkness and devour everything that the enemy is programming to attack, prayer warfare at night can scatter whatsoever the enemy as done, is doing or still yet to do.

3. Another very Powerful reason you should pray at Night is because Revelation and Knowledge delivers at its best at Night, The bible speaking in Psalms 19 : 2 – Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth Knowledge. So you can see that night hours are season of knowledge which stands for “revelation” If you desire a delivery from heaven and access to the invisible, night is a good time to invoke the heavens for an intervention and a response.

4. We must pray At Night, because Jesus does so! If you are saved, one of the pathways you must follow is the pathway of christ, Jesus Christ is our perfect example in the kingdom of God.

While he was here physically on Earth, The bible recorded it that he prayed at night and also woke up the disciples to pray that they may not fail into temptation – Matthew 26 :41 , Also in Luke 22 : 46; Jesus said “Why do you sleep? Get up and pray that you may not enter (at all) into temptation”.

So you see that some of these principle are essential keys to an ever winning and triumphant christian life, if you are always oppress of the devil, maybe in your dream or you have all kind of experience that are weird, you stand on your watch and refuse your eyes of sleep at night in order to engage the
heavens over that situation and right n your eyes, you shall see things turning around for your good.

5. And Finally, you must pray at Night in order to provoke the supernatural hand of God, everyone prays in the day, but highly spiritual people, giants in faith knows that the real thing for a strong undisturbed interaction with the heavenly father is in the night, not just any night but hours of 12 to 3am, They are powerful season of prayer and that is why you must commit yourself unto it.

I use to know a Pastor, who is committed to praying for his church members every mid-night that God should bless the, protect the, decorate their destiny and make their ways prosperous, and it was obvious in his ministry that he was a praying man, I was privilege to be under him at a time, and things were just working for every member of his church, reason been that he “as a priest” understand the power of night hour prayers and he engage it seriously and on that note, he experience all manner of breakthrough in his life and ministry.

God is no respecter of person, if you also can burn yourself on the altar often at night, with the help of the holyspirit, you can conquer all the battles in your life and have your way into a glorious future in christ Jesus.

I pray that the grace to keep watch at night and pray always will come upon you right now in the mighty name of Jesus.