There are various artistes all over the world and Music is one of the most impactful cultures across the world, the lives of people are been influenced by the kind of Song and Music they listen to, that is why we have various cultures around the world with various Musical practices it aligns with the believe system, but fortunately, we belong to a kingdom of Songs where we sing unto the lord and the Bible recognizes Music as a major weapon tool of warfare and Victory, and on the strength of this reality, we have what the bible refers to as ‘ Zion Songs’ songs that are birthed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; and this song goes a long way to carry believers through hard and difficult times, today I wanna write few reasons you should be a Gospel Music Artiste;

  1. You are a Vessel in the hand of God: When you are using your Musical Skill to Deliver Gospel Songs, you are both praising God and and blessing lives, so there are many folks around the world that you might never meet in person, but your song is blessing them greatly, this is something worth living for!
  2. You are helping many people to carry through Hard Times: Songs are one of the tools that help people to carry out difficult experiences, especially when the song is written and received from divine inspiration by the spirit of God. For example ‘God is not forget’ by Tonex is a good song that has helped me to carry through some very hard times in my life, the song brings hope and faith alive in my spirit and I know the same happens to so many people around the world, another example of such song is ‘Voice of Truth’ by Casting Crown, these are very powerful that helps people never to give up on God!
  3. You Bring the Word of God Alive: Great Music Minister like Tasha Cobbs sing songs that most of the lyrics are filled with Scriptural verses, and when you listen to the songs, it has the capacity to bring alive the word of God in your Spirit! And as you sing, you are not just singing, you are also meditating and prophesying the word of God into your life and over any situation and the same potency of the word comes alive!!
  4. You Communicate Spirit and Life: The Bible in John 6:63 says, ‘The Spirit quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing, the words that I speak to you, they are spirit and life’ that is exactly what happens when your song is birthed by an encounter through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, when people get to listen to it, they are filled with Spirit and Life. That is exactly what happens when I listen to Hillsong, their songs are so spiritual and filled with Divine Inspiration from Heaven. If you are depressed and oppressed and you listen to any of their songs, it carries the capacity to lift your soul and shake off the depression and minister to your Spirit.
  5. You Encourage People To Praise and Worship God: This is what Christian does, most of them are Songs that raises the Praises of God among his people, they give people more than enough Reasons to Praise the Lord, even way beyond the lyrics, some songs instrumentals and melody will literally make anyone take pleasure in praising the holy name of God, a good example is ‘Alpha and Omega’ by Israel Houghton, ‘Hallelujah’ by Donnie McCklurkin, ‘Way Maker’ by Sinach.
  6. You Make Church Impactful: I can’t just imagine a Church service without Choir Ministration and Songs? How do we relate with such? Never!! There are many people that goes to Church today essentially because of the Songs ministration aspect, and we have also had situation whereby people come to church for the first time and they choose to stay and be planted because the choir ministration blessed them greatly, most times, when we worship and Praise God in Church, The Presence of God comes heavily and the SPIRIT of God begins to move mightily, and signs and wonders, miracles begin to occur, this is a notable aspect of the service, and that is why we must thank God for the gift of Songs that as impacted the world.

The Whole of the Kingdom gifts are meant to make us a blessing to our world, if God as anointed you with Musical Gifts don’t use it to make money or fame or do worldly things, rather embrace kingdom assignment, that will enable you reward here and also in life, this is worth living for!

I remember the testimony of a woman in Nigeria, who got healed from listening to a Song by Don Moen, this is how powerful songs can be, God goes all out to use them to bless and transform lives of people.