Anyone, reading this that is appointed to death, that appointment is cancelled today in the name of Jesus!
In the name of Jesus Christ, your all round rest will never suffer a breakdown!
From today, all round rest remains your portion!
No one in your generation will end up a beggar!
No one reading this will die young or bury their young!

Every unrest in any area of your life is settled today in the name of Jesus!
From this day, no more pressures on your life!
Disease is gone, stagnation terminated and afflictions over in Jesus’ name!

All the days of your life, peace that passes all understanding shall be your lot in Jesus’ precious name!
Jesus is the prince of Peace; he is giving you peace now!
I see you entering into the realm of additions in Jesus’ name!
The giant in you is rising!
This week is your week of favor- Halleluyah!


Declare: God is not looking for who to use but who to bless. He has found me and I will serve Him all my days. So help me God!