For those who don’t know, the first son of the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr, has a native name, Oluwamakinde.
Even though many people don’t know his Yoruba name, no one has ever heard David Oyedepo Senior say anything about it. But at the Encounter Night service of Shiloh 2014, the second day of the annual ‘convocation’ of Winners worldwide, the father of four revealed how the Holy Spirit literally named their first born. “When Junior was born, I asked the Holy Spirit, what would you have me name him? And He said to me, ‘Another warrior is born.’ That informed his native name, Oluwamakinde.”
For those who have been in doubt as to whether the UK-based pastor and father of two would be able to step in his father’s shoes, the name (Oluwamakinde), his depth in terms of the scriptures, and the way he teaches the word, among other things have ended such speculations.
However, the apostle of faith also poured out prophetic declarations on the people based on the bliss he’s enjoying in his life and marriage:
“In the name of Jesus, none of your children will be a concern to you. I didn’t struggle to get a wife, my wife didn’t struggle to get a husband; therefore you won’t struggle to get yours. We didn’t cry to get children, therefore your tears regarding fruitfulness comes to an end tonight. My wife is truly a proof of heaven on earth.”
Amidst cheers, shouts of Amen and expression of admiration, Bishop Oyedepo finally ushered the next preacher to the pulpit. “Help me welcome my wife,” he said calmly as they cuddled on the altar.