It is amazing, how so many Opportunities are unfolding across the world today and Africa seems to be leveraging on various discoveries and resources that are locally available to maximize the opportunity in this Era.
I was making so much researches and findings on Rabbit Farming in Nigeria and how to start and run the Business on a Large Commercial Scale, fortunately for me, I came in touch with this Young Vibrant Man, who happens to be the Mayowa Odusote Adebowale – CEO Mayor Rabbit Farms, and I remember vividly in one of our conversations, I asked him, how lucrative is Rabbit Farming in Nigeria??

Mayowa Odusote Adebowale – CEO Mayo Rabbit Farms


Mayowa Odusote Adebowale – CEO Mayo Rabbit Farms

In The Bid to answer this Question, he told me a funny Story that seems to strange to be True, it sounded so unbelievable.
But based on his Credibility and his Farm wealth of Experience and Infrastructures, I believed him, subsequently, i realize, he as gone far even beyond the story he told me, would you like to know the story?
He shared this with me, as an expression of the lucrativeness of Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria.

He Said, There was a time, an Army General wanted to buy come matured stock Rabbit from his Farm, which were Hybrid, fasting growing rabbits, and the customer wanted 80-rabbits, according to him, they were matured and he stake the Price at 20,000 to 25,000 when i heard that, I was amazed, so i decided to do some calculations, and i calculated 80 x #20,000 = #1,600,000.

I was like what!!!!!???? That is 1.6 Million from RABBIT farming?? There as been many other times, when they even sold more than 80-rabbits, there as been order for 200 Rabbits from Mayor Farms ad much more than that Today I wanna feature his story on our blog and i was glad he granted the privilege to hold an Interview with him.
I am convinced this story will be a major eye opener for so many people about the opportunity that lies in Rabbit Farming Business.

Now To The Interview with Mayor Rabbit Farms

1. Please tell us your name and a little bio about yourself;
Good day to everyone out there my name is Mayowa Odusote Adebowale, an indigene of Ogun state but born and brought up in Lagos state. Graduate 👨🎓 of Tai Solarin University of Education and Federal Polytechnic Ilaro  who studied Sociology and Business  Administrations respectively.

2. How did you get started with Agriculture (Livestock Farming)? Well I started with livestock as a result for the love I have in breeding dogs and giving intensive care. After some years of gathering more knowledge at home through my dad, I went into cat fish farming as a vocational course in school which helped me to understand nature better. I was elected as the group leader due to my activeness on farm, let  me just put it this way, during this period of my schooling and Co I feel in love with livestock because TASUED Tai Solarin University Of Education Ogun State Ijebu Ode Ogun State; gave me the chance to build my vocational career knowing fully well what the country was preaching. He gave us the room to express my gifts. 

3. What inspired you into Rabbit Farming? Nature and the love for livestock’s

4. How long have you been in the rabbit Industry?11 years but hard to break out for my education to set in. I resumed 2015 01.

5. What can you say about the industry in Nigeria ?
Rabbit farming is not at all a high investment. It doesn’t need much money as different agriculture does. Instead, it takes a lot of knowledge about the animal husbandry and how best to raise animals.You should start with a successful rabbit farming business plan to gain high profit in short-term and get a good business plan. Am sure with God and hard work, you will get a heartfelt result. 
6. We heard you have made Millions from your Rabbit Farming venture, please
how True Is that ? Can you tell us how it happened??
Millions ? Hmmmmmm! Well 🤣😂 how true  or how the story  sounds like, yet it has been a good source of living as at when I started till date and I am so down with it. I like the sound of the millions though 🤗
7. What is your advise for young people and those interested in Rabbit
Farming ?  Raising rabbit for commercial is an excellent source of income and a smart way of self-employment. 
8. What is the future of Rabbit Farming in Nigeria ?
The demand for meat is increasing rapidly throughout the world, and now poultry, goat/sheep, beef, and pork meat are controlling the vast market. Commercial rabbit production can play a significant role to meet this demand. So the rabbit farming business will be an excellent opportunity.
9. What can the Government do to enhance Rabbit Farming in Nigeria ? To encourage more of this vocational courses to be held in all institutions and at large because if it were or had not been my school TASUED who made it a compulsory course,a lot of youths would have been a mess trying to search for one job on there trained school course in which they could have easily created one themselves. 

10. Do you get patronage and demand from outside the Country ?? Yes I do. Many times

11. How have you been able to meet the ever rising demand for Rabbit I your
Farm ? To be sincere no. It’s statistically impossible to supply a whole state rabbits talking less of part of the state region. 

12. How many Staffs do you presently that work alongside with you? 7

13. Are you looking forward to expansion and going more industry and
employing more hands? Yes by God Grace if I have my way with more capital. 

14. What feed do you use for your Rabbit? Green vegetables or Concentrate? I use both Greens and Concetrated feed

15. How can We locate your Farm?
Yes it’s at number 22 Atanda Popoola Street Amje Lagos State Ijaye. 
16. Do you have Rabbits for buck demands? 100+?
Yes I do
17. What’s your production level per month Sir? Close to 160kits per month, which is with a serious precaution of birth rate and feeding.

18. On an average you make like what profit per month from Rabbit Business? 😂 I will have to talk to my Oga at the top about this before I can relate smile 😊 

18. Can we start Rabbit Farming with Millions and make good returns? Yes By God Grace along side a good mentor
19. What should a Beginner do first before starting? Any interested beginners should first atten the training, love the system like his life depends and it and then he would start getting results . Land, hutch etc.

20. What Breeds do you have in your Farm?? There are a lot of breeds known world wide but  have 13 available breeds. Some of our breeds includes; New Zealand White, Chinchilla, Harlequin, English Spotted, Checkered Black and White, Checkered White and Orange, New zealand Black, New Zealand Red, Harlequin MAgpie, Harlequin China Angora, Dutch, Hyla, Cinnamon, California White.
Photos from Mayor’s Farm
Below are some Photos of Hyla Hybirds in the Farm;
Are you willing to kick-start Rabbit FARMING in Nigeria?? And you need a consultant or an expert advise and recommendation? Then, You can contact Mr Mayowa Odusote Adebowale at Mayor Farms, You can also Call 08065467622.
Together we can Build The Agricultural Industry in Nigeria and across the world and bring solution to the problem of Food Scarcity and insufficient Animal Protein.
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