More than 23,000 people gathered online to pray against the ongoing killings in Nigeria particularly the recent massacre of over 86 people in some villages in three local governments in Plateau state.
The participants prayed on a prayer point tagged “Let the wickedness of the wicked end in Nigeria”, during the ongoing Hallelujah Challenge, a midnight prayer and praise hour anchored by gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey.
Hallelujah Challenge: 23,000 Christians Pray Against Killings
Over 23,000 who joined a live video of the Hallelujah Challenge on the Instagram handle of the singer: @nathanielblow, prayed God to end the wickedness of those who were responsible for the massacre across Nigeria.
They prayed God not to allow the wickedness and the killings to go on but to intervene so that an end may be found to the blood shed. The participants led by the anchor also prayed for the family of those killed that God should comfort them as they mourn. The one hour midnight praise, worship, and prayer session is broadcast live on Instagram and also on Facebook.
The number of participants recorded in this report is drawn only from Instagram, as correspondents did not take note of those who joined in the prayer through the live Facebook video.
The singer also led the over 23,000 who were hooked up to the live video to pray for the family of Ace Singer, Dbanj, who lost his son.
The Hallelujah Challenge is a programme where over 68,000 people, basically believers in the world, gather on Instagram and Facebook live to worship God in song and prayers.
The challenge which holds every midnight till 1 a.m started as a 30-day worship session, which began on June 1 to June 30, 2017. However, Nathaniel, through his Instagram page, explained that he was led by the spirit to hold the challenge for 14 days this year.

“I’ve learned that in our kingdom, anything of value must be cooked in the place of prayer and the word. “And while in Israel, the Lord spoke some great things to us, we can only anticipate a glorious future ahead,” he said.