Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21)
So there was a major famine in the land, which had persisted and was already getting out of hand. From every standpoint, there was no ray of hope and to every angle one looks, hopelessness stares one in the face.
It was under this circumstance, that Prophet Elisha gave a word from the Lord that by the next day there would be nothing short of a complete turn around which would usher in a season of plenty.
Alas! Someone who could be better described as part of the ruling class, who knows the actual extent of the famine, the economic implications and what it would take logically to bring about what Elisha had just described, said “IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE AND EVEN IF GOD OPENED THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN, IT STILL WAS IMPOSSIBLE”
The story ended with this man actually never partaking of this miracle when it eventually played out.
We must understand, that our tongue is very powerful, and like it or not is directly connected to our heart and then to the results our lives produces on the long run.
What we get out of our lives, cannot be separated from what we say with our mouth. It might not appear as though there is any connection but our text further buttresses this fact.
The tongue is strong, however what we get out of it, is ENTIRELY OUR CHOICE.
These sums it up:
1. Things around us might be actually negative, but a decision to speak based on our understanding of God’s desire for us, is the first step to creating a triumphant outcome.
2. Things that are seen, are made from things not seen, words are not handleable literally, but are creative in the realm of the Spirit. To experience the miraculous among other things, we must be wise to speak the miraculous.
3. There is a difference between having a big mouth, and speaking words based on ones understanding of the capacity and capability of our God.
4. Things around us might be frustrating, but speaking frustrating words won’t change anything, deliberately speaking fruitfulness for a change, literally changes the formulae in more ways than you can imagine.
©️Victor Senu. O