Breed profile of Flemish Giant rabbit breed largest in the world, weighing about 7-8kg (15-18lbs). Popular for large size and very relaxing, calm temperament, gentle giants make great pets.
Size: Giant
Hair type: Medium
The Flemish Giant is thought to have originated in Belgium and Flanders comes from a large hare and rabbit Patagonia, (imported from Argentina by traders of the 16th century and once common in France and Belgium before becoming extinct). They are bred for their meat and fur and Flemish giant into one of the nation’s most popular utility in Europe. In the early nineteenth century, they were raised to genealogy tight, initially in the wild (Agouti) dye and steel gray. Furthermore, cross-breeding with other large breeds from the resulting wider variation in color.
The Flemish Giant rabbit breed largest in the world, weighing about 7-8kg (15-18lbs) and the size of about 80cm long.
Flemish giants have long and wide body back to back is well-rounded and solid advice.
Strong, muscular legs that the average length; wide head with full cheeks; big ears (about 20 cm long) and held at the Vee-form at the top of the head. Men have a wider, more impressive than her head, but she can often be greater than for men.
Flemish Giants have medium length hair with a fine luster shiny and dense undercoat.
The Flemish Giant originally bred in the wild (Agouti) dye, the bottom layer of gray, brown or red, with the hair ends (beats) in black or blue. Basic colors that can be produced light brown to reddish brown or light gray to dark gray steel. Stomach, inside of the legs and under the tail of a lighter color, with a light ring around the eyes.
Variations in color itself has a color layer entirely without pulsation or variation in shading, primary colors are blue, black and white (albino) (In the UK, the breed was only recognized standard in steel gray and smaller around 6.5kg 5.5 / 12 -14lbs).
Flemish Giants are quiet and tame rabbits and off as many smaller breeds, prefer to laze around than run and jump a lot of time. They are friendly and kind and can make children very good pets because they are too big to take and will not bite or be aggressive. They really gentle giant and their personalities have been compared with the softest of dog breeds. They generally get on well with other pets as well.