More Emphasis On The Atmosphere
The way fans rushed towards a goalscorer, the new chants and the more diverse range of atmospheres depending on where you played your matches all helped FIFA 18. This is something EA should look to expand upon next year, because the look and feel of each match could be even bigger.
Imagine pre-match shots of fans hurrying to their seats, placing an order at burger bars just outside the ground or vendors selling scarves on the streets. These flyover scenes wouldn’t be hard to create, and they’d add so much to the immersion level of club football in FIFA. Not every supporter is in their seat moments before kick off, so it’s something to think about.
It’d be hard to implement, but it’d also be cool to see fans actually leave early if the home team was having a stinker. It’s unrealistic for the folks inside Loftus Road (for example) to stick around if QPR are being hammered 5-0 at half time by a Championship rival.

New Tactics Features
FIFA 18 allows for the same old on-the-fly tweaks as before. Players can decide to play keep ball, go on the counter attack, park the bus or go all out for that match-winner. It’s good, but EA should look at ways they can make tactics matter more mid-match. Quick subs are only the beginning.
Being able to pull up a quick menu when the ball is out of play and alter formations, how high your defensive line sits and other variables would really help the gameplay. Currently, aside from those aforementioned presets, you can’t truly switch tactics without hitting pause. If EA are serious about keeping fans in the thick of the action, they’ll change that.
Nobody is expecting Football Manager’s level of tactical nouse, but a few more options wouldn’t go a miss. The impact of tactical change is rarely felt in FIFA, thus rendering any lofty ideas to sit back and hit on the break meaningless. Sort it out, EA.

A New Commentary
As good as Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are as a commentary combo, their banter is getting a little bit dull these days. It was one thing to hear both gush over the San Siro or get sucked into the occasion by Smith revealing he’s at his “first Old Firm derby” in FIFA 12, but it’s another to hear that repeated in games released 6 years later.
Tyler’s voice is distinctive, so he’d be more of a loss than Smith should EA plump for a new duo behind the microphones. It’d be a shame to see both go, but FIFA is in dire need of fresh commentary before it turns into the dreadful guff PES offers up. Hearing lines recycled from past games is not cool, because it makes the latest entry feel like a rerun.
At the very least, bring back the option to switch commentary teams. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend weren’t the best, and yet there was a certain joy to be had when hearing different voices for cup matches or international fixtures

Refrees Error and VAR
Adding VAR into FIFA 19 might be a controversial decision. In real-life footy, fans are split on whether or not video assisted referee calls have helped the game or made it less spontaneous. That could be the same in FIFA, so it may be wise for EA to add in some margin for error too. Or, they could offer up both options to give something for everybody.
Officials in FIFA 18 are always right, without fail. When the linesman calls for offside, it’s because a player was offside, never because they weren’t paying attention or got it wrong at full speed. As annoying it would be to be screwed over from time-to-time, it would make FIFA matches feel more like real football and provide talking points afterwards. That should be encouraged.
The VAR option would eliminate wrong decisions but add drama when the footage shows that the ball wasn’t actually over the line. Goals chopped off by computer precision or left to the Unclad eye. It’d be your choice, and it’s a choice we want.

Highly Customizable Managers
This is 2018 and yet we’re still picking from a few uninspiring pre-built models when starting a Career Mode in FIFA 18. EA didn’t even have the sense to change these models from last year’s game. That’s unforgivable, and makes finding someone who looks like you in the handful of generic managers more tough than it should be.
Countless games offer up a creation suite, so FIFA shouldn’t be any different. If it’s possible to create players from scratch, deciding on hair, skin, build etc, then why isn’t it the same for managers in 18? FIFA 19 could instantly win players over by touting a Create-A-Manager feature.
It’s long overdue. It’d feel like a jump forward for the series if eager managers-to-be were also able to pick out outfits for their gaffers, wear club-branded ties or don the old sheepskin jacket and flat cap combo. Why not? Even LMA Manager 2007 had more customisation than FIFA 18 does.

Detailed Players Negotiations
Play enough of FIFA 18’s Career Mode and you’ll begin using the square (or X on Xbox One) button a lot during agent and player negotiations. After a while, it’s unnecessary to sit and read the same information over and over again. Why trawl through all that text when you know you’ll have to give that next star striker a £1 million signing bonus in the end?
EA are off to a great start with these cutscenes. They’ve helped Career feel closer to The Journey and added more meaning to deadline day signings. There’s just one problem: none of the characters are voiced. Though it’d be unrealistic to expect everyone to have a voice, it’d be a start to hear your manager speak every now and then.
If the developers can find a way to do that and maintain the same use of facial expressions depending on how well negotiations go, they might be onto a winner. If the voice thing is a step too far, then simply making the text less formulaic/generic would be a huge improvement.

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