Spirulina is the World Richest Food.
Comparing gram to gram, its the most nutrient dense food on planet.
Spirulina is an algae. It belongs to the special form of algae called cyanobacteria.
In reality, they are not pure algae but belong in between algae and bacteria.
Unlike other algae that contain cellulose cell wall which characterized organisms belonging to plant kingdom, Spirulina however does not have d indigestible (in human body) cellulose cell wall rather has a cell wall made of proteins and complex sugars.
Nutritional value of spirulina.
Spirulina is the only living organism under plant kingdom that can boast of 62% crude Protein. Indeed, spirulina protein is unique as it contain all the essential amino acids and all non essential amino acids profile of protein.
This is essential because the essential amino acids are use as building blocks (growth) in animal body and can not be synthesized by animal body. Another uniqueness of spirulina protein is its high digestibility, its five times easier to digest than proteins of animal origin.
Spirulina is an excellent source of natural minerals. Spirulina itself grows in highly alkaline lakes of pH of 11. It grows in lakes with abundance of calcium and it incorporate calcium into its structure as it grows. No wonder it has 25times as more calcium as calcium found in woman milk. It also an excellent source of iron, potassium and magnesium among others.
Spirulina is very rich in natural vitamins. Its so high in Vit A that it contains 25times more VitA than carrots. Its an excellent source of VitE (same level of vit E as found in wheat germ), VitC, VitD and the VitB complexes especially the most difficult Vitamin to get in nature VitB12 (cobalamine).
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VitB12 is not found in fruits, vegetables, grains and even legumes. Liver is one of the Best source of vitB12 but Spirulina has 4 times more VitB12 than Liver. Vit B12 helps in protein assimilation into animal bodies. So spirulina apart from the protein it contains, also aids in the assimilation of the proteins on the animals feeds mixed with spirulina.
The result of all these nutrient is that spirulina helps to boost growth in the body of animals that feeds on them. There is one striking thing about spirulina that is worthy to note. Spirulina is actually an reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in animal body. It actually selectively burn LDL otherwise known as bad cholesterol.
So with spirulina, u have a food that increases the growth in animals by only boosting the growth of the body mass and at same time reduces fat level of the animal.
What a healthy food to feed your animals.
But the story did not end there.
Spirulina is also an excellent immune booster. Its an excellent source of the great immune booster called PHYCOCYANIN. Its also rich in blood cleanser CHLOROPHYLL and in antioxidants and antiinflammatory active substance such as superoxide desmutase, (SOD), zeaxanthin, LPS, GLA and Anticancer Natural killer (NK) and thus is used to cure oral cancer.
Spirulina active substances protect the animal body against oxidizing effect of free radicals in animal body and the Phycocyanin induces the bone marrow to produce cells that fights and kills invading micro organism and also cause the immature or damaged immune system to grow or repair itself when injured.
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Feeling ur animals with spirulina at their early stage of life helps to build their immune system so they can withstand disease attacks.
I think its high time farmers in developing nations reduces their use of chemically synthesize antibiotics and growth boosters which may have long term effect on humans that consumes this animals and embrace organic farming. We farmers provides food for the nation.
That’s what we do. Let us not be farmers that provide cancers, kidney failures and drug resistance in the nation. Am not saying u must use spirulina, am saying u should go organic coz there are many good organic products available for us to use. But, there is always d best, and it is called SPIRULINA.