*The tragedy today is, eighty percent(80%) of the people who present themselves before God to do white wedding have slept with each other in immorality already. And the pain is that these people are not unbelievers o, they are church people, working in one department or the other.
What a shame!
The question is, since you have already slept with each other, what are you coming to do as wedding again because you have already married, you have married. That is, you married before you came to be married. What a disaster!
Young man, young woman, not until the man marries you, he or she has no license to your body yet; that the wedding day is tomorrow is never a license to sleep with each other today.
All most there is not the same as there. And the truth is, anything that talked you into giving your body to him before marriage has cheapened you before him.
And it is the Genesis of extra marital affairs and the presence of suspicion between the two of you; you would begin to suspect yourselves for life. Please, avoid whatever would lead you to fall in immorality; avoid it as you would avoid cancer!