“Abraham did not stagger at the promise of God, at the end, it spoke. He had a son at 100, lived to be 175. His son was an old boy when he died, and his son Isaac buried him. At the end it shall speak. Can you see the end? Please see the end; that will help you to endure the demand. Jesus who for the joy that He saw at the end, endured the cross, despised the shame…Carry on, keep mocking, I’ll keep moving; keep mocking, I’ll keep moving. I was a subject of bitter mockery; I mean bitter, face-to-face mockery, public mockery. But that’s not the story anymore. Let them keep mocking, you keep moving, each one is fulfilling his own mission – they are for mockery, you are for movement. Because you can see the end. Something is breaking forth.”

— Bishop David Oyedepo