Praise the name of the lord God almighty both from now and forever, unto him be glory, praise, blessing, and honor forever and ever…amen!

I want to share you a very cogent and potent key in the hands of the believers today, and it is so potent and so relevant that even the fathers of old, understood the legalities behind it too well even than we do in this modern days.

And what is that?


While JESUS walked the face of the earth, he engage quiet a lot of these mysteries and we must not be left behind of the master’s engagement if we must also taste and touch the victory that master touched and enjoy.

The bible speaking in 2 Corintians 10 : 4 – says (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;).

So there are quiet a lot of those weapon and that is why it says “Weapons” did you notice that letter ‘s’ at the back?

One of those weapon of warfare is MIDNIGHT PRAYER HOUR!

It still works wonders and it still engage victory.

The bible says they are not carnal, which means they shouldn’t be given a carnal or human approach, it says, but they are rather mighty, in pulling down of Strongholds!

So they are not just the normal weapons, one of the  assurance of these weapons is that, they pull down not just any holds, but the strongholds!

No matter the turbulence and challenges, or mountain whatsoever, it can be pull down, and for every one reading this epistle right now, i command in the name of JESUS the Christ, that every mountains and stronghold in your life right now in this every minutes, they are leveled before you in t he name of JESUS the CHRIST!

So why praying in the midnight?

The earth realm works by legalities from the realm of the spirit and the realm of the spirit works by season and time, so there are more spiritually sensitive and relevant seasons and time and we must know this very well.

The other day when ELIJAH needs to bring down fire and make mockery of the baal and its prophets, the bible says, he allowed the prophets of baal to waste their time all day, and at the hour of the ” evening sacrifice” he put the altar in other before praying the fire down, so its amazing how that he waiteth till a particular season and time before carrying out the operaton, so we must be like the sons of issachar  who had the understanding of time!


Also remember, when JESUS went up to pray, he came back to the disciples and wake them up, that they should pray not to fail into temptation, and they yet were asleep, and we saw how much temptation flooded them blessed be God that he had prayed for peter, peter would have not been worthy anymore a vessel for the kingdom, as he denied JESUS over and over again, while he was still there, other apostles are totally no where to be found, and this is similar to what we face in this day and time, when we have challenges as a christian, what we really can overcome, but while we ought to arise and pray down our victory, we are more often than not, found running away from breakthrough, there is no mountain or temptation far ahead or above the price JESUS had paid on the cross of calvary, so if you have this understanding, you are bound to be continually victorious in all your endeavors!

So in the next few mins, i’d be showing you the powerful victorious mystery of Praying in the Midnight!

What are the benefits of praying in the midnight?

  1. Midnight Hours are more spiritually sensitive than any other Time : This is a fact i really need to establish, more often than not, Jesus is always found going to a solitary place in the midnight or at dawn to pray! These times are very sensitive and very spiritual, you might not believe it (but i beg you do) because it is the truth. There are more spiritual transactions going on at this very time. Those who stand on their watch to prayer in the midnight are solely the ones that use to be in charge of what happens during the day time. So if you have a mountain that as stand before you for too long, you can go before the lord in the midnight to pray your way out of the mountain and  i see you emerging victorious in Jesus mighty name!
  2. Devils and demons carry out more Operations in the midnight : This is yet another mystery i am making known to you right now, the kingdom of darkness is an orderly kingdom, they operate with certain legalities and laws, and one of their system of operation which is good we know is ‘midnight’ they carry out heir demonic and diabolic wicked work only at midnight, and these have bearing in the lives of men during the day, remember in the bible; Matthew 13 : 25 – But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.  So the enemy came and do their evil work in the middle of the night, so what do you do to overcome their wicked power? especially in seasons when you perceive the enemy is up to something, you also rise up to pray and engage that same time when they are doing their wicked works and planting their evil seeds (tares). The bible gave a powerful victory key in Isaiah 8 : 9 -10 – Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces. 10 Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us. I just gave you some scriptural line of contention and travailing in the bible that you can use at the warfront and gain the victory and also prevail over the enemy. Since real human being are always asleep at night and midnight, spirit and spiritual entities are always active and at work in this midnight also, so a child of God that wants to be victorious, must learn to engage the ministry of the angels and the holyspirit in warfare at the midnight hour.
  3. Night shows forth Knowledge and Deep Revelation : You will agree with me that God’s word is ye and amen’ and it can not be destroy, it rather stands forever, the bible made it clear in – Psalms 19 : 2Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth knowledge. So deep knowledge, mysteries and secrets are more often than not, communicated best in the midnight hour, praise the lord. So if you are trusting God to always know what to do as regard the situation of life, business, career, ministry, your walk with God and so on and so forth, engaging the night hour to both pray and study the word of God is a major key to gaining access into what i call divine secrets and divine mysteries.
  4. JESUS admonishes us to pray in the midnight : Jesus admonishes praying in the midnight, this is found in Luke 22 : 46  – And said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.  when he called unto the disciples to pray that they mayest not fail into temptation, so you can always be in charge of what happens during your day, your daily activities by your praying in the midnight, this is yet another winning key we learnt from Jesus our lord and saviour. It was obvious when JOB said, God giveth and God taketh blessed be the name of the lord, we later found in scriptures that God did not take anything, it was a dialogue going on between the devil and God and job was not aware of this, so as well, we christians, must wait on the lord in midnight praying to be able to appropriately discern what is God’s mind and agenda for the situation, what is really going on, i keep saying it over and over again, you can always overcome and come out victorious in every battles of life, for the word of GOD is that powerful and tangible, it is sharper than two edged sword, so if you will seek God through his word, trust and believe his word and walk by his precepts and his ways, there is no end to your rising. It was obvious temptation was ahead of the disciples and Jesus was the master could discern it and he knew the only way out was to pray!
  5. It builds up your FAITH : The bible says by faith, the elders obtain good report, this is yet one of the most fascinating scriptures i have found! Faith is design in such a way that, your faith and believe system is always strong towards what you engage and it works. So beveling in the lord can only be guaranteed when you can see the hand of God in your life, i always tell my brethren in church, that we as a believers, we can see the hand of God continually at work in our life and live a ever winning and ever victorious life, as a matter of fat, JESUS admonish us to pray and live a life of victory and not of shame and reproach. Praying in the midnight increase the velocity of your spiritual status and brings you into a new realm of breakthrough and power to run and be victorious, especially if you have been baptized in the holyghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, you have access to mysteries, divine secrets, and you can command exploits by your faith in every area of life where you so desire, highly spiritual men who has ever walked the face of the earth today, are highly spiritual mid night prayer men; when we consider God’s glorious generals like Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Robert, Bishop David Oyedepo, WILLIAM Braham, Reinhard Bonnke, John G. Lake, alexander dowie, Maria Woodworth-etter, smith wigglesworth,  Kenneth E. Hagin, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams, Kenneth Copeland and lots more heavily spiritual and powerful men on the earth.

If this is what the generals are doing and the fathers have done and the bible says, by Faith “this laws of engagement “the elders obtain good report, then one of this days, you and I will need to engage the same laws and mysteries of the spirit to the end that we can provoke certain kinds of breakthrough we desire.

Lastly before i end this article, i would love to share from my own personal experience, if you pray more in the midnight, you will be able to see more Visions and hear God’s voice, for his glorious and majestic presence is always made available and his voice can always be heard when you pray in a more sensitive hour of the night, you can never be confuse as regard situations and circumstances of life, you will always dwell in the realm of clarity and vision.

I pray that the lord of Heaven will release upon you afresh, the spirit of supplication and baptism of prayer to contend till you have your desired victory and breakthrough in all spheres of Life.

The LORD Bless you.