READ: PROV 14:20
“The poor is hated by even if his own neighbour: but the rich hath many friends.” Prov 14:20
There are 7 Indices of power. Of the seven, one of the greatest is social power or capital: The ability to create and build network of relationships across all spheres of life. It is more powerful than economy power, political power, intellectual power, military power, physical power, only less powerful than spiritual and moral power/capital.
Man is a social being, he is a relational creature. We need people in our lives to be successful. Nothing successfully achieved in life is ever in isolation of an individual. And so relationships are key to our achievements in life.
The Bible says “give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, runneth over shall MEN give unto you” you see! God is the source of all blessings, but guess what? Men are the channels. The blessings will always come through men.
Jesus has these to say in a parable of a servant whose master strips of his job, he understood the power of relationships and network and he began to build it so he can rely on that when he is fired from his job. Luke 16:1-9.
Build quality relationships today. Build networks. Get to meet people. Be a friend to someone today. A wise man said” I went out to look for friends, I found none, then I went out to be a friend and there were friends everywhere”
What you know does not bring finality to the equation. We must add WHO you know.
Father, I call forth quality relationships into my life and destiny today. Give me the wisdom to discern them, the attitude that attracts and keep the people I need in my life.