I Conquered Masturbation…
There’s no day that at least 5 people don’t approach me about their helpless addiction to masturbation and in their honesty, I see their struggles in fighting this sexual habit. IF you are struggling with this habit, this post is for you.
First of all, you are not alone. An old Irish joke claims that 98 percent of people masturbate–and the other 2 percent are lying.
This is a joke but real statistics is not far from it.
An American sexual health survey observed that over 61% of men between 19 to 39 years old had tried to arouse themselves in a sexual way while about 46% of women in the same demography had tried exploring their own bodies at least once. What this shows is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Millions of people have the same struggle but several of them have stopped struggling with the struggle and that is what I want to discuss here – how to stop struggling with masturbation.
First of all, you have to realize that YOU ARE CLEAN and not filthy. Most people who struggle with masturbation seem Not to have a happy ending. The end is always filled with strong feelings of condemnation, guilt, shame, filth and sometimes even slides into deep depression. This is where the devil wants you to be – that lonely pit of shame, guilt and self condemnation. But Jesus died for times like this. This is the good news. The essence of the coming, death, resurrection and ascension of the Son of God is to strengthen those who are weak at their weakest point and to justify those who are condemned at their most sinful point. So right in that pit of shameful guilt, Jesus looks at you and calls you righteous. Your deliverance comes the moment you see yourself as Jesus sees you. You would rise up and climb out of that pit, straight into the Holy of Holiness with BOLDNESS because you know that you are FORGIVEN, SANTIFIED AND CLEANSED IN CHRIST JESUS. At this point, the devil has already lost the battle. You conquered him and yes, you have conquered the habit that easily beset many. Can you say Amen.
There are no 6 ways to stop masturbation. Even going to a prophet or spiritual father for deliverance might add to the struggle because that prophet or “father” might have a lubricant in his office.
Only the Knowledge of The Finished Work of Christ can deliver you from the claws of any sexual habit by first rescuing your mind from the chains of shameful guilt and releasing your spirit man to the realm of REST. In that realm, you seize from struggles.
You don’t even struggle to break other habits because you are no longer a slave to fear. You have entered into the rest of God – a realm where nothing steals your joy again. Not guilt, not shame. Nothing steals your REST. Glory to Jesus!
Just before I conclude, this is an advice to younger people – your urge is hormonal, not demonic. Yes read that again.
You don’t feel it because you are possessed, you feel it because God made you so. You don’t even feel it because you are carnal, you feel it because you are human.
Your responsibility is to manage the feeling.
Channel your energy to creative thinking and not sexual imaginations. Instead of watching porn online, watch a tutorial on your career on YouTube.
Avoid staying alone. Stay connected to people – online and offline.
Don’t play emotional music – fill your atmosphere with worship songs .. If you have a crush on a particular person and you masturbate with them in mind, refresh and renew your mind.
You don’t love that person else you wouldn’t mentally abuse them sexually.
Rebuke yourself for sexually abusing another child of God in your mind. Then renew your mind. Replace your obsession about someone with obsession for seeking God.
Desire to be more financially successful as well than you desire to have sex with your crush.
If you are single, this is a signal from your body that it’s time to get married. Let your goal be to explore your sexual fantasies in marriage with your spouse.
Above all, remember that Jesus calls you RIGHTEOUS even when you don’t feel righteous. Choose to believe Jesus and not your feelings.
I look forward to reading your testimony soon – you have conquered.
I am your sister, Atinuke Akinlawon and I dwell in the realm of REST – far above struggles.