‘As a church, we started paying tithes when we were worth less than 1 million naira a year; we are now in the billions; very soon, we shall bé hitting the trillions’
Dr David Oyedepo

The Beautiful thing about God is, He cannot deny himself, and as such, he can not deny his word, we have traded the word of God over the years, as a Commission and we have not seize to reap the reward of so doing, it is speaking practically and evidently such that every devil can see it and confirm it.
I believe what God is set to do in the Church will daze the world and the Government, and they will have no choice than to seek Help, Counsel, Advice and Instruction from the Church, Because Darkness shall cover the Earth, but the Glory of the Lord is rising upon his People and he is always with them, shinning his Light upon them and making them a Solution to every Situation of Life.