From: President, LFCW
To: All Mission Stations
Subject: Prophetic Focus for July 2018
Date: June 29, 2018
New Dawn greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
From scriptures we discover that the midst of the year is a divine season for levelling-out all everlasting mountains blocking the way to our promise land both as a church and as individuals – Hab. 3:2-6/ 17-19
The midst of the year here represents the months of June and July with five months on either side of the divide. We also know, we serve a God of times and seasons who make all things beautiful in His time -Eccl.3:11
But, it takes faith to level-out every everlasting mountain standing on our path- Mak. 11:23

Therefore, ‘Enough is Enough’ of all unwanted issues in and around our lives as individuals. Enough is enough of our slavery to:
 Sin and Satan – Eph.2:1-6/ Eph.1:20-21.
 Sicknesses and diseases – Is. 53: 3-4/ 1Pet. 2:24
 lack and want – Ps. 34: 10/ 2Cor. 8:9
 Ups and downs in our lives – Pr. 4:18/ 2Cor. 3:8
 Fear of the unknown– Pr. 29: 25-27/ 2Tim. 1:6-7
……..and many more.
We must understand that we have not been redeemed as slaves, but as Priests and Kings to reign on the earth – Rev.5:9-10/Ps.110:1-3
But what is faith?
• Faith is not a religious principle, or philosophy; faith is a mystery of the Kingdom – 1Tim. 3:9/ 1Cor. 2:4-5
• Faith is not a belief system, it is a spiritual weapon – Dan. 3:14-28(28)/Dan. 6:14-28(23)
• Faith has the power to quench all the fiery darts of the devil – Eph. 6:16
• Faith is an unstoppable force in the world of the spirit – and whatever cannot stop the way against God cannot stop the way against faith from accomplishing its mission – Mk. 10:27/ Jn. 14:12
• Faith taps into the power of God that sets free and makes whole – Mat. 15:21-28/Lk. 8:40-48/ Luk. 13:10-13
• Faith has power to raise the dead – Jn. 11:40/ Mk. 5:36/1Cor.15:26
All of the above makes faith a most potent force on the earth –Mk.9:23/Mk.10:27/ Mk.11:23/Heb. 11:3
Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of July 2018 is:
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ – Mark. 11:21-23
Recommended books of the month authored by Bishop David O. Oyedepo include:
*Unlimited Power of Faith
*Exploits of Faith
* Born to Win
*Satan get lost
Remain ever blessed.
Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Jesus is Lord!