Feminism movement is what lead to feminist.
Feminism in a simple term is the belief that a woman has equal rights with a man. It can also be said that it’s a belief that a woman can do whatsoever thing any man can do.
It believes strongly that a woman should not be restricted from doing anything whatsoever that a man can do all because of gender differences.
A feminist is a female who stands on the ground that a woman is and can do anything a man can do and that a woman should not be left out in some things because they are female. A feminist promote majorly the interest of a female.
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A feminist fight for and against issues such as; domestic violence, physical violence, sexual harassment, physical assaults, maternity leave, equal right as a man and so on.
A feminista fights for equal financial, cultural and social and political equalities and also for a much recognised influence of a female.
A feminist also fights for equal treatment as regards  biological and psychological issues such as a right to abortion and a right to go topless like every man out there.
There are different types of feminism and they include; Liberal feminism, radical feminism, socialist feminism, cultural feminism, eco-feminism.  Let examine them one after the other.
LIBERAL FEMINISM; This set of feminist believe that equality for the female gender to the male gender can be achieved through the social and political areas.
SOCIALIST FEMINISM; This believes so much that the reason why female can’t experience freedom is due to their dependence on the male for finances in the society. This also deal with exploitation, oppression and so on.
CULTURAL FEMINISM; This fight for the acknowledgement of female character and behavioural pattern rather than the behaviours of a male, for instance in the case where it is believed that a woman is weaker than a man. This deals with undervaluing the female gender
ECO-FEMINISM; This brings together the environment and female gender. It believes that only the female gender has values such as nurturing, reciprocity and so  on.
RADICAL FEMINISM; This believes that sexism has eaten deep into the society and that the only way out is gender equality.
Other kinds of feminism include; black feminism ,separatist feminism, anarchist feminism ,multiracial feminism, postcolonial feminism,  trans-feminism,
The anarchist feminism combines feminism and anarchism.