One of the basic needs of life is shelter. Everyone needs roof on their head, irrespective of the size, it has to be achieved.  A home is a gift of nature; though not free like other gifts like air etc. a house is the best relaxation center, a trench of joy where one leaves happily and returns happily. It is a place where earnest tensions and pressures are suppressed.
When a man strives, one of his aims is to get a befitting abode to justify all his hustles. A man with an abode is a man of honor and hope, especially if built by him and not a rented apartment. The joy is everlasting. Irrespective of the location where one’s sustenance has been ordained, one still needs to get an abode to shield him against harsh weather conditions and protect his life and property.
Living in USA is a great opportunity; it is a place where economic actions are justified and rewarded in no time. USA is full of opportunities with conducive environment to explore all. An individual doing this needs an abode, what comes first to one’s mind is “what would it cost to build a house in the USA”.
Building a house is a laudable project, thus, requires several planning and estimation, especially for a middle class individual. As we all know, building a house has different stages, a house does not just sprout up. It takes series of stages and processes. But some factors have to be considered, they are basic prerequisites to building a home in USA; especially when you want to buy your land. Obviously, when procuring your land, you consider copious factors but chiefly the size of your pocket. A very important factor to be considered is the location of the land. Every piece of land in the US have different prices, this is a function of the economic and socio-political status of the area. Lands in big cities are always very expensive than other locations. Another important factor is the size of your house; if you are the type that loves something glamorous, prepare for it financially. Also, the equipment that fashions your house should be considered too. If you want networks of alluring features and design in your house, it is possible but comes at a cost. Having known and consider all these, it’s time to get the building on set. Now we look sternly at the cost of each stage of a house construction in the USA. These steps are:

  • Procuring a land: A house can’t be built on the air; houses are erected on a land. The average cost of procuring a land in USA is about $4,500 per acre; as said earlier, the prices varies with the status of the area.
  • Foundation: This is a tedious part of a building and also the most important part of the house construction. Foundation has to be very solid and firm. On an average basis, foundation costs $7,850.
  • Excavation: Excavation is another breath-taking stage in a house construction. It involves excavating the land, excavation labour, excavation debris removal and equipment. All will cost you an average of $85.5 per unit yard.
  • Shell of the house: At this juncture, you perceive some form of comfort and joy as your house is up and developing. The shell of a house includes: windows, walls, and doors. The average cost to shell a house in USA is $25 per square foot, equate this to the size of your land and get the figure.
  • Roofing cost: There are different types and forms of roofing. For metal roofing, prepare an average of $7,372 and the cost of a tile roof is about $11,363.

At this point, you focus more on the interior of the house; the interior consists of different aspects as enumerated below:

  • Flooring: The cost of flooring lies greatly on the size of your pocket. There are different types of flooring, they include: carpentry, ceramics, laminate flooring, wood flooring, natural stone tile etc. budget about $2,862 for flooring your house.
  • The cabinets: This is very important as it greatly influences the house appearance. The cabinets define your kitchen and bathroom. Budget an average cost of $4,621 for the cabinets.
  • Counter tops: This is another important interior aspect of the house. There are two types of counter tops, the granites and corian counter tops; each cost $3,100 and $3,490 respectively.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom is an integral part of the house. This tends to cost more because the bathroom is like building another house within the house. It entails several fittings and installations. Plan an average of $10,000 for your bathroom.
  • Painting: This is the final stage of your construction. Painting is very crucial; it brings out the beauty of the house. The average cost of exterior painting is $2,647 and for interior, an average room painting will cost $580, you need to multiply the number of rooms in your building to get the final cost of interior painting.
  • Mechanical cost: This is the cost of fittings and mechanical works like plumbering. On an average, budget about $37,843 for all.
  • Additional cost: These are petty expenses that you can incur in the process of your building project. They include: architect and engineer costs, building permit, land inspection, impact fee, electricity, waste removal and other unforeseen ones.

These are the estimated cost of building a house in the US. An average of $250,000 will successfully build a house of 1200 square feet. With this amount, you can get a befitting roof on your head.