Praise the name of the Lord both from now and forever, Amen!
Today, I want to quickly share some insightful light and wisdom from the Life, Ministry ad Marriage of Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis Church International (Abuja), He’s such an Anointed servant of God with a Great Depth of God, Great Grace and Power.
His Ministry is making waves across the world, Africa and Nigeria is a major beneficiary of his Calling, and you can read more about him, His Ministry and Biography Here.
I want to share some of the things I have observed about him, especially in the line of Marriage; and what Christians all around the world can learn from this man of God, because we live in a age where Marriage are crashing severely and its almost looking as if, it’s impossible for any Marriage to Work out well, but we thank God for such a Great and Impactful Spiritual Leader like Daddy Paul Enenche and his Wife,  Becky Enenche, that as keep their own marriage blossoming and triumphing by the day, and their good work is seen by all, there are few tips I have taken note of, from them and am sure this tips will help you and bless you, as you apply them in your own marriage too, you will begin to see the hand of God in some mind blowing ways!
One of the Reason why we publish highly useful and edifying information and testimony on this platform, is because we understand the fact that, “Faith Cometh by Hearing” when you read it, you get to know about it, and as you get to know about it, your Faith is Quickened, making it to come alive in that direction and Good Report will surely follow, because by Faith, the Elders Obtain a Good Report.
Here are the Just the Few Things I Noticed about Daddy and Mummy Enenche;

They are Both Spiritual:  This is the first baseline, you as a Christian you need another Christian as a Life Partner, that is how to belong to the same God and have the same covering, you may say; “well, I’m going to marry the lady, even though she is an Unbeliever, there is no going to be any problem, well, the Truth is, The Devil will be your Father Inlaw,” so you need to understand that, you need a God-owned person, so that the Almighty will be the father for the both of you.
Daddy and Mummy Paul and Becky Enenche are both Spiritual, mother and daddy prays in Tongues, they are always on fire, and they both ministers to the people of God, their marriage is a practical proof that we can have a God-fearing Life Partner, that walks with God and desires the lord too, and even as Church leaders, we can have  a Successful and Godly Marriage that is working, filled with Joy and Peace, not the other way round.

They are Both Loving: Now, Understand this: Love can be seen, because the expression of Love can be very feasible, it cannot be hidden, so we need Partners that we love and that loves us, not the other way round; there has been to many excited moment even in Church  between Daddy and Mummy Enenche, these are proofs to us that they love is there, Genuine and Truth, majority of the times, when there is no true Joy in Marriage, it has the ability to reflect outside the home system, but we always see Joy and Gladness in the face of God’s Servant and his Wife, this is what we all must desire, a Good Working Marriage, where Love and Joy abounds, and the truth is, where there is Love, there is God!!

They Wear the same Cloth Often: This is a culture that we are used to In Dunamis Church, you will agree with me that Majority of times, we see daddy and Mummy in the same Dress, sometimes, the same, color, design and all of that, these are expression of love happening between your God’s servant and his wife, and these are things we must be willing to do often in every TRUE Relationship and Marriage too.
Wearing the same cloth, makes Love to fill the atmosphere and that is what brings Peace of Mind and Powers fulfillment of Destiny in Grand Style.

They are Highly Compactible: This is the summary of everything in a nut-shell, they are highly over compactible, they literally fit into one and another, and this is something I am actually proud of about them; The Youth needs to understand this compactibility complex, because you cannot force or beg someone into loving you or marrying you, it will only lead to more chaos in the marriage.
Many people have embarked on Marriage with folks they are not compatible with and thus, it sabotage their lives and destiny, making many of them to manage through life, which it ought not to be so, Partners should be compactible, that is the only way they can be able to complement one another.

It is God’s Desire that we have and build a rock solid Christian Marriage that will lead to the God-kind of Homes and family, where Godly seeds will be raised to the Glory of God.
Am sure some of these few tips we learn from the marriage of God’s servant and his wife, will go a long way to help us make choices in Wisdom?
God Bless You.