Nigeria is a nation loved by God and we love the nation as well. The Christians in this Nigeria are the HOPE and THE LIGHT of the nation. All the forces working against the Church of Jesus Christ in this nation can’t overcome the church.
We have been sleeping since all these years but we are waking up gradually from our spiritual sleep.
My dear reader, I want you to know this, praying and asking God to save this nation won’t do much because He had given us His power and His authority.
He expects us to do something about our nation that is the reason He puts us and established us in this nation Nigeria.
God had made us light in and to this nation but if we don’t let our light shine there is no way darkness would be put off.
Darkness only reign when there is no light or when the light is dim. It is wrong to expect God to shine our lights for us when He is expecting us to rise and shine our lights.
Terrorism is work of darkness. Killing innocent people is work of darkness, that is the mission of the devil: to steal, kill and destroy. Both Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen are devil incarnate, they are fulfilling the plan of the devil and we think the government can do something. It takes light to end the reign of darkness.
We have been given the name of Jesus to use as instrument. The word says we would also cast out demons in the name of Jesus but we are expecting God to help us cast out the demons that is possessing all the people working against this nation.
It is the responsibility of the Church of Jesus to make this nation uncomfortable to agents of darkness. If they can come around us, come to our church buildings and feel comfortable to kill people and burn churches successfully, then something is wrong with us. Are you telling me that the devil is stronger than God? Never! All power belong to God, He is the Almighty. Know this also, there’s no devil that is too strong for a child of God to deal with or overcome.
What are the angels that surround God’s people doing?
It means they are idle because we have not learnt to engage them by using the sword of the spirit which can destroy any devil.
I want you to know that this is not the first time the devil is mobilizing or using men to oppose the church; it happened in the Act of the Apostles, even the great apostle of Jesus, Paul was formerly a renown terrorist terrorizing the church and killing God’s people but we never heard that they prayed asking God to kill the people instead they prayed for boldness to preach the word of God and for more miracles and signs and wonders to be wrought so that more people will believe and be saved. The encounter that Paul had with Jesus was an answer to the prayers of the saints.
We need to pray and we must pray but we must know how to pray.
Praying and asking God to do for us what He’s given us power to do is wrong. Let’s use the authority He had given us against the devil and his agents. Every one of us should grow up in the understanding of our authority and make our communities, towns and cities unapproachable to these terrorists.
Let’s give the angels of God that surround us work to do by constantly releasing words of power into the spirit realm.
Let’s not expect one person to do it, it is the responsibility of every believer.
We need to take over territories for Jesus, once the territories are taking over, there is no devil that can come there. You need to understand this, those terrorists can only take advantage of the weak areas where there is no any spiritual resistance, they know the places they can’t get to, they know those places that are danger zones.
Let’s build spiritual resistance against terrorists and all agents of darkness in our cities, towns, and communities.
Why should the devil be chasing God’s people away from the place God has established them? We have made ourselves look to cheap to be defeated to the devil.
The devil is supposed to be running away from us because the evil should always bow before the good and the wicked at the gate of the righteous. Have no defence?
No, we have! God is our defence but we believe the devil and the terrorists than we believe in the power of God to destroy and frustrate them and because of this we have been presenting ourselves as people with defence.
This is the time to preach the Gospel of Jesus in Nigeria with demonstration of power.
The word of God always prevail over darkness (See Acts 19:20).
The word of God is the answer, that is what the first church in the Acts of the apostles did. The time of persecution was the time they went everywhere preaching the gospel because the gospel will always put the devil on the run.
We don’t need religion in this nation, religion has not helped the nation, what we need now is Christ and Christ alone. We need the Gospel preached with power. We need all Christians to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and demonstrate His power everywhere.
The Fulani herdsmen with their sponsors are all working for the devil, we need to understand the one behind all the killings. Herdsmen and Boko Haram are only tools in the hands of the devil and the plan is to stop the gospel of Jesus Christ in Nigeria which is not possible.
The gospel cannot be stopped because it is the power of God to save, deliver and heal. We can’t continue to look up to religious men to help us because they can’t, Jesus is the only answer and solution. The government, without Christ can’t. what we need is the government of Jesus.
I want you to know that the foundation of all those terrorists: boko haram and Fulani herdsmen has been destroyed already, we just need to grow in the understanding of our authority as believers and use our authority to send them out.
You don’t need to tell a man not to put his hand in a fire, he knows what fire is, that is how it would be when we grow up in the understanding of who we are in Christ and take over territories for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. The devil knows that we are not his mate, he is only taking advantage of our spiritual laziness, irresponsibility and bankruptcy. The Church in Nigeria, wake up.
This is not the time for division, it is the strategy of the devil to make us become weak and weaker that’s why he inspired division among us.
The body of Christ is one but with many members, that is what every denomination, assembly and congretaion are, we are all members. The body doesn’t have one member but many members and each member has its own function, so, let’s stop giving place to the devil.
This is not the time for Christians to be condemning those who go about demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit. If there is no power manifestation in your life, you just need to check yourself because Christianity without power is only a religion.
Power is what differentiates Jesus from every other religious leader; if I can’t see that same power manifesting in and through me even with all that Jesus said in Acts 1:8; Mark 16:15-20; John 14:12-14; Matthew 28:18-20; and Luke 10:19 (read them please), then something is truly wrong with me. God gave us His power because He didn’t intend for His church to be weak.
Weak people always criticize strong people because they want the strong to become weak like them just the way the poor always criticize the rich.
Let’s wake up, it is time to change Nigeria and make it the nation God expects us to make it.
He puts us in Nigeria to change it and if we can’t change it it will change us.
Let’s all begin to work together to change Nigeria. Let’s influence lives positive.
The devil has no power left, all he has is deception that’s why he is deceiving many.
Book haram and Fulani Herdsmen have yielded to his deception that’s why he’s using them to achieve his plan. He has been deceiving the church of Jesus, the Christians presenting Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen as powerful people and we have also been yielding by becoming more afraid of them.
Let’s do something for this nation. Please, read and share with others. Nigeria is one and will remain one nation. We are living in peace in Nigeria in Jesus name.
Pastor Abraham