Obiwest Utchaychukwu a strong defender of Pastors in Nigeria took to his facebook account to defend Rev Funke Adejumo who is embroiled with seed-collecting controversy and some Nigerians mostly  London residents are signing a petition  which will be forwarded to the UK government urging Prime Minister Theresa May to ban her from entering the United Kingdom.

I Stand With Rev Funke Adejumo

It baffles me when people decides to take a path in life that leads to condemnation. Social media today is engulfed with all kinds of unwholesome activities. Many are at the crossroads of life because of what they have imbibed from social media. The negative impacts of social media has reduced the spiritual strength of many.

There is a trending petition on major social media platforms about a Nigeria lady whose name is Mayowa Olaiya, based in the UK who is currently mobilizing signatures on from people mostly UK residents asking them to sign a petition to ban Rev Funke Adejumo from entering the United Kingdom.

The mobilization of people online to sign the useless petition she created three days ago was sponsored by Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Daddy Freeze who are both attackers and unrepentant critics of pastors in Nigeria. Mayowa Olaiya who has been living in the UK for some years now is the spiritual daughter of Pastor Sunday Adelaja and she represents Pastor Sunday Adelaja in the UK.

Why are they fighting a woman of God?

Why did Mayowa availed herself to be used by the devil?. Their grievance is that Rev Funke Adejumo always ask people to sow a seed whenever she ministers. She even went ahead to rain abuses on a woman of God by calling her all sorts of names like “Woe-woman.” I stand to say without mincing of words, that the nonsense petition against the woman of God urging the UK government to ban her from entering the UK will never see the light of the day, it will be an effort in futility.

‘Top American preachers like Mike Murdock and Co, now collects seeds from people via credit cards and bank transfers why didn’t Mayowa and her conspirators petition the UK government that Mike Murdock is fake? Is it because Rev Funke Adejumo is a Nigerian?

Daddy Freeze who claims to know the word of God more than Jesus Christ who is the word has never for once spoken against the Fulani Herdsmen who are killing Christians in the middle belt and he claims to be fighting for the liberation of Christians in Nigeria. He has never for once mobilize people to speak or sign a petition against the ills of governance, is this not foolishness on his part?

It is an insult on my salvation for Daddy Freeze to be the one who will teach me the right way to live as Christian.Daddy Freeze is a divorcee, who drinks and commits adultery with Benedicta Elechi (girl friend) who has a baby for him whilst still in her matrimonial home. A morally and spiritually bankrupt fellow like Daddy Freeze is who many Nigerians mostly youths take as spiritual counselor.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, a.k.a the perfect pastor “The man who fell from Grace to grass” will not say that he is bereft of the happenings in Nigeria. Have you ever seen him speak against the government?

It is disheartening for me to see Pastor Sunday Adelaja rant on social media, attacking churches and calling out pastors. Adelaja who used to be a voice in Europe, former pastor of Europe’s largest church which boasts of over 30, 000 members now spends most of his time on social media listening to the messages of Nigerian pastors in other to pick holes from their messages then come to social media to attack them. How did Pastor Sunday Adelaja get to this lowest ebb of spirituality? This is what i can’t comprehend.

I have original copies of the letter which his former spiritual father wrote him from the US stating that he is no longer going to father him because of the shenanigans that transpired in his Church in Ukraine which made the church council to oust him. Also, I have an audio clip about him which an undercover who posed as a preacher made. I will release it in my next article; it will shock you.

Those of you who attacks Nigerian Pastors, saying that they only collect seeds and tithes from their members without giving back to the church or society are wrong. Despite the fact that some pastors are not doing what they suppose to do that doesn’t mean that all of them are the same.

For the records;

RCCG built a hospital for the prisoners in Kirikiri maximum prison worth several millions of naira.

In 2017, Governor Ambode of Lagos State commissioned a N200 million center for those who are suffering from drug and substance abuse at Araga, Epe.

RCCG parish 5 built a heart center for the members of the society to access free of charge. RCCG built an Open University in Port Harcourt where members of the public can get education at an affordable fee. These are the few ones I can mention.

Apostle Johnson Suleman on his part has touched lives in so many ways of which I’m a living testimony.

Since 2007 Apostle Johnson Suleman has been feeding over 200 widows every month. He has more than 100 students Who are under his scholarships schemes ranging from the nursery up to university level.

OFM Headquarters in Auchi is now a beacon of hope for Nigerian Libya returnees where he always gives them money for rehabilitation. He recently gave out N2.5 million to those who just came back. Few weeks back Apostle Johnson Suleman visited Adamawa IDPs and gave them food and relief materials including huge amount of money.

Last week, Apostle Johnson Suleman gave N1million to the family of Leah Sharibu, the Christian girl from the north who was kidnapped by Boko Haram and was left behind because she refused to renounce her faith.

Other men of God like Bishop David Oyedepo, Prophet T.B Joshua, Bro Joshua Iginla, etc are all relentless givers.


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