God is doing mind blowing things in our days and time, I mean, unbelievable yet undeniable manifestation of God is prevailing in the church and among God’s People in a dimension that the world is marveled!
That was the case with the hand of God at the currently concluded Dunamis ‘Destiny Recovery Conference at Dunamis International Christian Center in Abuja’

God’s Servant and the entire Congregation could not help it, but wonder and boost into tears, at the strange hand of God been made manifest in the midst of his people, it is amazing what God is doing in this lat days.


It was during a Session of the Worship and Miracle encounter when God’s servant, told us to shout Glory!!!
As We shouted Glory, the power of God filled everywhere, his Glory was made manifest indeed, powerfully in our midst and we can not deny it, so many people fell under the power of God, and it was shortly after that we had testimony sessions, lo and behold, two sisters (Twin) were in the service, brought by their elder sister Church, Insane, and while we shouted Glory, one told the elder sister, she’s healed and another one said ‘She felt fire in her leg, and that was it, The Miracle took place just like God!
There are so many Notable Miracles that happened actually, so many healing, recovery, deliverance, breakthroughs, this is just one of the Notable and amazing Manifestation of God during the CONFERENCE, God just came down into the service and touch lives and transform them, To God be all The Glory.
We’re in a Revival in the body of Christ, a move of God is heralding our Nation and Generation, and its notable and beyond doubt,, you need to connect to what God is doing, for instance; it will be awful for someone to be in Abuja Afflicted and oppressed in a moment like this when God is visiting our Nation and would not deem it fit to appear before the Lord in this Conference, You don’t need to travel to be healed, God is visiting his people and healing them, connect so that you can collect!

We are in for a Great Time in this nation, there will be massive and tangible manifestation of God’s Glory and POWER like never before.
God is Real, Jesus is real, and God is been glorified in our nation, his Kingdom reigns forever and ever!