Trading has been made easy for this century and the ones to come.
The hassle on purchase of goods or services in market places at times looks very worrisome.
As the world grows, everything that makes living in it comfortable grows simultaneously; the invention of ecommerce platforms is a laudable initiative used to improve buying and selling.
The conventional way of buying and selling, at times, looks herculean; the beaming nature of the supermarket or mall looks tiring. However, with ecommerce platforms, trading activities have been improved greatly.
An ecommerce platform is a medium that facilitates buying and selling through the internet. All the transactions are finalized online but the goods or services are delivered physically within the stipulated delivery time.
The idea of going to the supermarket to get items now looks old-fashioned; nobody has the time for such. Recently in Nigeria, these platforms have been greatly patronized; virtually all household items are sold on these platforms.
From reviews and opinions of the customers, they have been very reliable and helpful; their delivery is always to time and the goods and services provided are very economical with incentive offers.
There are many eCommerce companies in Nigeria but some brands are very popular by the virtue of the nature of their service. Here are the 5 trending ecommerce websites in Nigeria; they offer awesome service and customers are always satisfied with their mode of operations.

  1. Jumia Nigeria

You will unarguably agree with me on this brand. Jumia is the largest and most patronized ecommerce platform in Nigeria. This brand was established in May 2012; it has been very relevant every since then, with awesome customer friendly packages. Virtually, all items are sold on jumia, with timely delivery. Jumia offers fascinating offers as the mode of payment is very flexible; you can pay for your goods at the point of delivery. It was rated as the most visited ecommerce website by Amazon Alexa.

  1. Konga Nigeria

It is very difficult to measure the proficient of this brand below jumia Nigeria, as they are both performing wonderful well on the ecommerce platform in Nigeria. Konga houses virtually all house hold items like jumia too; they offer timely delivery with economical charges. It was founded in 2012 and has been offering awesome service since then. Jumia and Konga are the two leading ecommerce companies in Nigeria.

  1. Kaymu

Kaymu is another top ecommerce company in Nigeria, though not as trending as the aforementioned companies but gradually landing on its feet in the industry. Interestingly, it was founded the same year as the two mentioned above, 2012; however, its network is not as explicit as the two mentioned above. Kaymu is also a good platform to buy household items at pocket friendly prices.

  1. Taafoo

Tafoo is another ecommerce company in Nigeria; though not as popular and active as the others, but has been in the industry for long. It was established in 2009 and has been a reliable base for wearables of any gender. It is one of the pioneers of ecommerce in Nigeria.

  1. DealDey

DealDey is another top notched ecommerce platform in Nigeria. Established in 2011, DealDey has been offering sales of household materials like electronics, Clothings, etc. Using the internet as its medium of transaction. It has been serving Nigerians before the emergence of the two popular ecommerce platforms, jumia and konga; DealDey is still relevant and has been having good impression from its customers.
These are the top ecommerce companies in Nigeria; they have been making life really comfortable for Nigerians as they offer timely services across the country.
One peculiar feature common to all is the timely delivery, though the means may vary but the bottom line is, they provide appeasing services to Nigerians.
Virtually any item can be purchase on these platforms, it is save and secure. Their mode of payment is very explicit as some offer payment on delivery service. This is one of the life improving initiatives aided by technology.