Do you know that Bishop David Oyedepo Secrets has been unveiled? 
Yes, you read right. All his secrets from the supernatural church growth to the powers that works wonders to the unbeatable securities to the acts of signs and miracles has all been exposed. YES , YES, YES. Everything has been published online here but I will be telling you all one by one.

 This week is one of the secrets that his behind all the success that you have been seeing him doing. To be frank, I don’t know where to start from if I think of typing and telling you all the secrets of this well known and famous man of God called Bishop David Oyedepo.
What pushed me to say some words about this “Spirit-of-God-possessed-man” is that he is truly sent to liberate mankind from every oppression of the devil. That mandate is for real. 

I am not saying all this to get you enticed or get him praised as to God be all the glory not man. You may be thinking of some kinds of demonic powers to be involved as some rumours implies but I say unto you this day that he is a true and complete man of God. How do I know, you ask?
He has many secrets that he always talks about in the congregation. If you are a steady worshipper in Cannaanland, Ota or via the satellite then you will know what I’m saying.

God told him to go to Pastor E.A. Adeboye for laying of hands in order to received the spirit of wisdom. He went and from then, he has been flying in the realms of supernatural wisdom. He also partook of grace and anointing at work in the life of T.L Osborn, Benson Idahosa, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth E.Hagin.

 An occasion reminds me of one of his secrets. My grandfather told me this story. This is not fabricated at all. No lies or “additives” or “sweet tongues stuff”. My grand father is a man of honour and humour. He says the bitter truth and unleashing the words that might even hurt you. He expresses himself the way he wants and conveys his message to us, the children. Let me continue with the story he told me about Bishop David Oyedepo. It was really surprising to me. I was dozing when he told me this story and the sleep left me immediately.
There was a tractor that was meant to enter into the church premises to do some works. And the men( brought the tractors) and people around there were all trying possible means to make the giant tractor go  through the gate. The gate of the church has an height. Though, am not that good with calculation of height and feet (measurement, I mean). As they were struggling with the issue on how to make the tractor go in. I know they must have been thinking of breaking the roof-like structure that is overhead the tractor.
Then came Papa (Bishop David Oyedepo) and asked them what is going on. They explained to him and he replied them. GUESS WHAT! CAN YOU JUST GUESS!! OKAY NO MORE GUESSING BECAUSE IT SEEMS YOU ARE NOT GOOD WITH GUESSING.

He simply told them that they should make the tires of the tractor flat by letting out the air in them(tires). What A Wisdom!!!

I was marvelled and ….I never thought of something like that. All I was thinking was that he will tell them to break the roof-like structure that was constructed overhead and and after they will rebuild another one  OR pass through the wall by demolishing some part and rebuild it OR go through the other long way….But What is Wisdom? The right application of knowledge- Bishop David Oyedepo.

What is the secret?  Close guided doing (according to online dictionary – done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others). God gave him wisdom, true and here is what God Divine Wisdom has done to the situation that would have cost some money and time.

He is indeed the blessed by God. He has a saying that he always say that I love so much…“GOD IS ALL YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR NEEDS MET”.

The bottom line of my writing on part 1 about the secret of Bishop David Oyedepo Olaniyi  that I know is GOD.
Jehovah God is all that he has and he loves God so much, beyond what you can ever imagine, this young man love God, 2 very major assignment, he is living for;

1. Kingdom Advancement (the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth )

2. Better Life For Humanity

These as been the driving force of papa for a longtime now and its been glory all the way, if i am to write about this great man of God and grace, it will take me all day writing about him, because he is so loaded and bless, what i will advice people is this, its the same thing daddy Paul Enenche said during Dunamis Kingdom Power and Glory 2015;

  He Said The Kind of anointing of our father “Bishop David Oyedepo” is so strong and powerful enough to produce even greater ministers of God than him in Nigeria, like 3,000 ministers that their ministry will be growing at divine pace like faith tabernacle, but the problem is people are not ready to serve.

Now serving in this context doesn’t mean you have to be  pastor under him or go to winners to go and work No! It’s taking abut a spiritual law called ” The Law of Honor” You must always honor any vessel of God that you desire the grace at work in his life, its compulsory, before Dr Paul enenche, knew bishop oyedepo one on one, he as been listening to his sermons, and he as listen to over 50 sermons of papa, that is obeying the law of honor; honoring them as a way of helping you to partake of that which they carry; i do tell people, God is the one that over sees their laws but if things are working tirelessly and stresslessly over time, in the life of someone and years upon years, that person is still relevant in that thing, just go and know that there is an anointing.

If you desire it, like them, love them, honor them, when you hear their name, be excited, be filled with joy, that is how to partake in their blessing and the anointing they carry, don’t scandalize them, it won’t take you anywhere, its just like you cursing the man God as bless, your curse will end in futility, because it will have no effect, this person is already bless of God who owns all power in his hands, and one thing before i end this article i would love to tell you is that;

Miracles, Anointing, Signs and wonders are virtues of God that he as pleased on some people on earth to manifest his glory and since we all know God is not a respecter of men, you can also partake of the anointing and grace working in the life of a man by believing in it, connecting to it, and honoring/serving such man.

We see this evidently in the life of elisha, as he served his master and got the mantle, and also the bible says ” By a prophet the children of israel were delivered from the land of egypt and by a prophet; they were preserved” Bshop oyedepo is one true apostolic prophetic of our time and God is truely with him always.

may God give us understanding in this generation and help you to appreciate and receive that which God as prepared for us. amen.
God bless you in Jesus name!!!