More than ever before, there is a Divine demand upon us to bring the Body of CHRIST into the fulness of what GOD is currently accomplishing in Nigeria.. The unrest in the Land need not take us by suprise, for there is a scriptural activity that accompanies Sleep… “The Sowings of The Enemy” ( ). That which was sown, when the Church Slept is beginning to fruit.. However we must optimize the time that remains before the fruiting season fully comes..
There is so much panic on the Landscape, panic as of a people caught in a sudden drift, yet I hear the LORD say “PEACE… I have this under control, your alignment will bring you into that which I have laid out as your way out”
CHURCH, we cannot engage our panic patterns as we did in the past.. There is a blueprint for conquest and we must engage it.
These questions come to mind: How has Israel survived as a nation? How were physical territories secured by Israel in the Scriptures? Who built the Church In Nigeria? Who leads the Church in Nigeria? Who owns the Church in Nigeria?
This is what was cmmunicated to Me, as I listened through a part of the Celestial deliberation sessions over the Destiny of The Church and The Nation of Nigeria… “These deliberations are still on, The Enemy currently stands in denial of the updated documents”.
(1) The Church in Nigeria, In Parts is largely Owned by Men, Led by Men, although She was Built be GOD.. Once the Ownership and the leadership is restored to The BUILDER, Her invincibility will be activated.
(2) There must be congregational restoration of Kingdom and Territorial culture. We have overgrown the Divsions.. Not that denominationalism should cease, but that It should be swallowed by the Territorial culture..
(3) The Blueprint of the Nigerian Church is Apostolic.. GOD has carefully preserved Truth and Strategy in Apostolic Centres nationwide, there must be Humility in the Clergy, so as to Align with these centres within the territories..
(4) Diets must change, not just “panic prayers”.. Congregations must become militarized by sound biblical doctrine.. The Church is at war over the soul of the Nation called Nigeria. We must stop raising and sustaining for perpetual Baby-existence.. Men of might do not appear, they Grow.
(5) Persecution has never been able to extinguish the Church, She thrives on It and is purged by It.. The enemy knows this too.
The enemy threatens because It knows that there is still time to recover The Church and indeed the Nation.. There are so many obstacles that GOD has strategically placed before the Enemy, We just must optimize this “Kairos” moment…
We Call forth the witnesses of The Saints with whom the destiny of the Church in Nigeria, and indeed Nigeria was fashioned. Pa S.G Elton, Apostle Moses Orimolade, Apostle Ayo Babalola; For these bear witness of that which defines the re-written documents that ceded Nigeria to Our GOD and HIS CHRIST…
For the Kingdom of Our GOD and of HIS CHRIST, Let The Angels of the Church of JESUS In Nigeria Rise!!!
Your Brother,
Tolu Agboola.