As a matter of fact, the definition of *“STORM”* is likely to differ from person to person. So there might not be a universally acceptable way to better capture the term *“STORM”*. This is because it can be best understood contextually.

But since this is not about appropriate use of grammar, but about the indisputable fact that every man living, would always have some point in their lives where things might not be going absolutely as intended.

As children of God, we often forget in a hurry, particularly in the phase of what looks like a storm in our lives, (although I quite understand that such times could be pretty demanding considering the practically realistic facts before us) that we have read, seen and perhaps experienced storm like situations both in scriptures and in life and very often than not, something that can only be best described as a divine intervention plays out which puts an end to such situations.

And this, should actually drive us to a point in our lives, where we live in the reality of a terminated storm situation even though the facts on grounds might literally speak otherwise.

The reason for this, is captured in one strong yet potent scripture:

*For we walk by faith, not by sight. We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. (II Corinthians 5:7-8)*

In closing :
1. We must understand,that until something first becomes our Spiritual reality, it’s chances of becoming evident in our lives is slim or non existent.

2. The workings and dimension of Jesus through scriptures always brought what appears like a storm to an end, why do we worry now as though Jesus’ tenure is over?

3. Please understand that the tenure of Jesus is forever so what He has done before we qualify by His grace to enjoy same and even much more today as long as we trust, believe and follow Him all the way.

4. We must look that stubborn storm bedeviling our lives in the face and like Jesus rebuked the storm, shut them down and ensure that our actions matches the state of our heart.

©️Victor Senu. O