About a week ago, very late in the evening as I prepared for bed, I fell into a trance, the Lord showing me His heart and this is the Word of the Lord:
Obedience to God’s Word and patterns births the glory of God, which is always the fullness of God. It is one thing to know what God is saying, it’s another to obey according to the specific directions given to one. The Lord is asking for SENSITIVITY to Him in this season and dispensation. Since last year, the Lord has been speaking about ‘LET GO AND LET GOD’.
In this end time move of God, we (the Apostolic and the Prophetic) are agreed on the wonderful and glorious things the Lord is sounding, doing and wanting to do but the Lord is saying it is no longer enough to know what He is saying but are you doing/building according to the specifications shown you or are you assuming that you know and are hushing up the Holy Spirit of God and not listening to His CONSTANT and ‘NOW’ directions?
In the trance, I saw obedience carrying a baby representing the fullness of God’s glory and sitting by obedience and the baby carried was another person named Wealth.
In the trance these three, obedience, the baby-fulness of glory and Wealth were all in a church gathering.
Wealth was not being expected, it has come into the Church.
The glory of the Lord was not being expected but it is now in the Church. The move of the Lord was there, all that was left was the expressions of the Lord to fill the mouth of the new move of God.
A lady came out to the pulpit to give some prophecies and she was beating her hands on the wall earnestly as a prophetic gesture.
The gesture, I understood was calling out to the Church to see and hear the ‘now’ Word of the Lord. I also saw wealth on her knees praying fervently, I believe for the Church both expressing the same prophetic gesture.
Another prophetic gesture happened- after she gave the prophecies, her hair was cut short.
The prophecies that she gave was the beginning of the Word that was being declared by the now move of the Lord but it was not received and that was shown by the cutting of the hair; the glory was short-circuited because the word was not received.
The second lady came out towards the microphone to sing prophetically but the worship leader, well known internationally came to the microphone and ended the worship abruptly. The worship leader represents those who are on the cutting edge of the old move of God; they know there is the new move of God but do not recognise it. So they insist on doing things the way they are used to, not recognising the expressions of the Holy Spirit or thinking they have seen it all and because of this, are short-circuiting the now move of the Lord.
We talk about the Apostolic and the Prophetic and all agree about this great move of God but the Lord is saying it is no longer enough to start by being apostolic and prophetic and end up according to how we say the prophetic ought to ‘manifest’. Who decides how it will look? We or God? When God spoke to Noah about building the ark and Noah heard and agreed to obey that was only half of the matter. Noah had to not only build, but build according to specification (Genesis 6: 15-16, 22).
Again Moses was told, “Look that thou make them after their pattern which was showed thee in the mount” (Exodus 25:40). When He built according to specification the glory showed up.
David told Solomon to build according to God’s pattern that was given to Him. When Solomon obeyed by building what the Lord wanted, the presence of the Lord filled the temple so heavily that the priests could not enter (II Chron. 7:1-2).
The glory of God partners together with wealth. This has been from the old. Wealth is more than finance or riches. Wealth is everything that God is.
Everything has been made available for this move, from the platform/pulpit to stand on, the microphone to amplify the voice, and the people that the Lord has raised for this dispensation, but they are being denied to express the Holy Spirit manifestation by how we think it should be. Let go and let God so as to see the fullness of the glory of the Lord! AMEN!
Sarah Success-Oso