Regrann from @walejana – There are 3 seasons in a man’s life: the morning or the youth stage which is between 0-35, afternoon which is 35-50 and evening which is between 50 till death.
I will be talking about 4 things you should do at the morning season of your life.
1. Honor and fear God: The bible tells us what we should do with the morning season of our lives in Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.”
When you honor and fear God in the morning stage of your life, you would have learnt how to live this life skilfully because life will throw challenges at you that may kill you if you are not standing well.
2. The morning season of your life is also the season for mistakes; this is the time to know what works and what doesn’t, it is the time to learn and master an art, skill, craft or trade. Pay attention to things you do for fun that other people appreciate, that gift can put billions in your pocket.
3. One of the most important things you want to do for yourself at this stage of your life is to have a good name. John D Rockefeller said “the best capital a young man can have is a good name”. Many people misbehave at this stage of their lives and it hunts them forever, stay away from anything that can tarnish your name. Be a man of your words it will serve you for the rest of your life.
4. Find a mentor: someone has been where you are going, follow that person. If you don’t like a man’s results don’t follow him and if a man stops inspiring you stop following him too, there are no apologies about that. Just make sure that your heart is right at all times. Honor is the seed for attracting what you don’t have in your life.
I pray that you will not make fatal mistakes that will ruin your future in Jesus name.
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