By: Dr. Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding what it takes for a person to succeed with God
There are things one must know in life to guarantee a successful journey on earth and eternity in Heaven.


1. Know your God (Dan. 11:32b; Hos. 6:3)
Knowing God means experiencing God
Knowing God means experiencing God; it is not just hearing about God, reading about God,
or watching God, it is experiencing God
2. Let your God know you (2Tim. 2:19; Gen. 18:19)
Does God know you?
The mercy of God might give you a miracle but it is the holiness of God that will take you to Heaven
3. Let the world know you (Acts 11:26; Dan. 6:4-5)
What does the world call you or know of you?
4. Know yourself (1Pet. 2:9; Col. 1:13-14; 2Cor. 6:16-18; 7:1; John 1:23)
It doesn’t matter how close you are to anybody, if they don’t have your connection and revelation, then they don’t have your destination
5. Know the Word (Josh. 1:8; Ps. 1:1-3)
Don’t just carry the Bible, know what the Bible carries!



Father, help me to know You; bring me to the point of knowing You till You know me; bring me to a point of having a positive identity in my world; help me to know myself and help me to know Your Word Lord, in Jesus’ Name!
Oh Lord, to whom vengeance belongs, arise and show Yourself in our Nation, and let the enemies be scattered, in Jesus’ Name!
Oh Lord, to whom vengeance belongs, show Yourself in Nigeria NOW, in Jesus’ Name!

Father, protect our military, the service chiefs, the military commanders, brigade and division commanders, squadron commanders and commanders at all levels who are fighting the cause of this Nation in the battlefield, Father, defend them in Jesus’ Name
Father, I make demands on Your intervention in my life and situation. I am not going back the same way I came today Lord, in Jesus’ Name.



– In the Name of Jesus, every yoke of slavery on my life and destiny you are broken now, every demon of captivity upon my life and family, you are leaving now! GO!

– Every chain and every coffin around my life and destiny, I command you in the Name of Jesus, CATCH FIRE NOW!

– In the Name of Jesus, every demonic arrow and missile fired into my life, you are returning back to sender! GO!

– Every ancestral and generational curse of premature death on my life, you are leaving me now and returning back to hell in Jesus Name!

– In the Name of Jesus, everything not planted by God in my life, you are leaving now, every deposit of hell on my life, you are going back to sender in Jesus’ Name.

– In the Name of Jesus, every crippling devil around my destiny, you are arrested NOW! GO!

– What nobody has ever accomplished in your community, you will be the first to accomplish it! You will achieve what no one has ever achieved in your lineage in Jesus’ Name!
– Every money the enemy wants to take from you, today, I prophesy a restoration in Jesus’ Name
– Every mountain in your life, family and in this Nation is about to melt away like water today in Jesus Name!
– Every arrow targeting you and your loved ones shall be refired back to sender in Jesus’ Name!
– Every devil that said you should not celebrate shall be laid to rest in Jesus’ Name!
– Every death looking for you is returned back to hell in Jesus’ Name and every premature grave they dug for you, those who dug it shall inherit it! You shall fulfil your days in Jesus’ Name!
– Every negative transfer you have received in times past is cancelled and returned back to hell in Jesus’ Name!
– Everything that has incapacitated your life and destiny, today that yoke is broken in Jesus’ Name
– Everything that came here with you that is not of God is arrested now in Jesus’ Name
– Every demonic chain, pain or affliction that followed you here today, NONE shall escape! (Joel 2:3)
– Anywhere where a power is following you, preventing you from becoming who God wants you to become, I decree today, that power is roasted by fire!
– Every bad will following your life, today, by the Blood of Jesus, IT IS BROKEN! You shall fulfil your days!