Pineapple has known all over the globe is a fruit making farming produce which is so nutritional to the body. It has a worldwide appeal and it’s known for its health values except if you haven’t had it before.
Pineapple farming especially in Nigeria is money making scheme as the nation’s soil and weather are extremely good and favorable. In this article we would be considering the business aspect of the planting and how lucrative it is.
There are countless fruit juices which are made with pineapple and the makers of this fruit juices are always on the lookout for farms where pineapples are planted so as to get their raw materials for production. This is a plant that is indigenous to South America and is said to originate from the area between southern Brazil and Paraguay.
In Nigeria, there are various places where one could get this kind of plantation as its available almost everywhere (after harvest) though seasonal. In Lagos, there is a market known as Mile 12, where this fruit is in available in large quantity for consumption and business purposes.
One who desires this business can walk up to any market around and try pricing it, then you would realize how much it cost and that it is a lucrative one.
A head of pineapple is sold for N200 in local markets while the same goes for N300 in fruit shops.
Research brings to our notice that wholesale farmers sell at the rate N70 – N100 per one. Assuming you harvested about 200,000 pineapples and decide to sell just for N80 at wholesale price, your returns after sales would be making a huge sum of 16 Million Naira.
Of course that’s not your profit as you would have to deduct expenses like cost of production, labour and transportation for about N8 Million.
That means the profit to be made is a whooping N8 Million. There is an amazing thing about this kind of plantation once they start producing, they could fruit for the next 5 – 10 years if well maintained.
Now that you know the undeniable profit that awaits entrepreneurs who would like to invest in pineapple farming, I’d like us to go straight into the steps needed to be taken in pineapple farming and how it could be done professionally and profitably for good benefit.
Steps to Cultivating Pineapple in Nigeria

  1. Get a Good Site: For one desires to have a farm to plant seeds especially that of pineapple, choosing a good site is the first thing to be done. This site needs to be inspected for the texture of the soil as pineapples tend to thrive well on sandy soils with lots of nutrients, good water reservation together with the humid conditions of the field for plantation.
  2. Clearing of the Farmland: The next step to be taken after a better site has been chosen is to have the land cleared of stubs and therefore prepare for ploughing. Also, while preparing the farm for plantation, you should be on the lookout for some possible attacking insects but can be handled by overturning the soil and then expose to sunlight. Bear in mind also that even distribution of rainfall is needed during the early periods of planting as it is so important to get much and good yields at the same time.
  3. Choose the Desired Specie: There are various kinds of pineapple specie and some of them which are most desirous for this type of farming are: The Gold Crown, the Smooth pineapple and Pure Gold pineapple specie. So, it is advisable you get your desired one before you intend to plant. There are two ways in planting the pineapple; one can either plant the sucker or the crown as they are two seeds with different characteristics. The crown takes up to a year and two moths for its growth against the sucker which takes about nine month. The sucker is easier to get than the crown.

Commercial Pineapple Farming
There are certain things that need to be considered and gotten right before venturing into big farming especially this of pineapple which you have chosen.

For good and great output or expectation, the first thing that needs to done rightly is the choosing of a good soil that is well drained and sloppy. The soil also must be well drained and soft for easy access of the crops to the ground so as to receive the needed nutrients. Lastly, the crops must be properly treated so as to avoid the invasion of parasites after harvest because they go a long way in determining their rate of germination.
Spacing the crops is very important for adequate growths as each of them absorbs enough nutrients from the fertilizers. In a hectare of land, enough spacing would have about 50,000 plants which in turn, help a lot in making sure they are free from insects and also in weeding.
In addition, having a market research would go a long way in assisting you to know the particular species to be used instead of choosing one which has less market due to the preferences in the area.
Business Opportunities in Pineapple Farming
While I took us through the steps of cultivating pineapple, I wrote on the desired species to be chosen; that which is the sucker due to its edge over the crown. A sucker of pineapple goes for N20 while that which is treated is sold for N40. It is advisable that one gets the treated as their survival rate is greater than the untreated.
Calculating for small scale pineapple farmers – let’s say you get 5,000 suckers which amounts to N200,000 without other cost included. After, the addition of others (cost of herbicides, transportation, fertilizer, rent of land if yet to be owned and then labour), it should be equal to about N300,000.
At present, a pineapple goes for N200 due to the rate at which things in the economy have doubled its original price. Let’s say you sell for N150 and multiply by 4,500 pieces considering that all may not yield well, that gives you N675,000 profit in a single and first harvest and for the next 7 – 10 years, you would producing a lot more and also gaining more profit as the seed has the ability of reproduction.
One could also try and partner with retailers; starting less with amount as low as N20,000 for easy disposing and then gradually growing of the business in a large scale farming.
This kind of farming at first isn’t a quick way of making money but a very sure way of making a sustainable income over time and if taken seriously, it is so sure to get you stabilized on finances for life.