Prepared that morning to attend the concert Mike invited me to. No electricity to press my clothes so I had to wait till the time they usually restore the power.
Event was for 10am and light was restored at 10:05am, so I was late. I got to the venue at 10:35am.
Approaching the venue, I heard really sonorous, melodious and lively music emanating from the speakers even right from the gate.
The hall being used was quite far from the gate as I walked closer, I expected the sound to go louder, but no!!!
It kept fading and suddenly “silent”.
For a second I thought many things: probably the concert was over, or Nepa followed me there, or the sound system crashed or maybe the rapture had happened, LOL.
I stopped for a bit and finally after a few seconds, I decided to enter in to venue and I discovered the hall was packed way full and there wasn’t even space for me to sit.
Still silent, I seemed to be the only noisy thing around, cos I had to start asking my friends who got there earlier what exactly caused the silence.
And then suddenly came the Big Bang, the band immediately started playing again. It was then I first heard the skill of silence in music put to use.
I was left in awe and could hardly close my lips.
Then loud applauding came with shouts in excitement.

The beauty of silence can’t be underestimated, underrated or over emphasized.
It completely and wholly added beauty to the entire piece the band was playing.
The point of silence made me ask questions.
YES!!! that is what silence is meant for, not necessarily to ask people questions, but to dig deep within you innerman and ask questions on what you have done so far and what next to do.
Alot of times musicians hardly observe this and we sometimes fill every part of music and this ends up choking the entire piece and leaves it with little or no beauty (without form and void).
Music is like a painting, every painting has bright sides, colourful sides and Dark sides, so also fashion.
This diversity is what brings beauty.
I can also say silence helps to prepare for victorious results.
The Jericho Experience brings to account, where the children of Israel had to be silent for 6days. Not to utter any word. God also rested on the 7day Genesis 2:2, this in a form is also an expression of silence.
As minstrels we must learn this art both skillfully and spiritually, as silence is a gateway to great things.
We must learn to be quiet timely and listen to what God has to say. God is a movement and not a monument, you can be in Christ and yet not understand the move of God. It takes alot silence to go deeper in the things of God.