Most people would know her from Barney and Friends or a myriad of up-beat Disney productions.
She is tan from spotlight.
Despite her stardom, she hasn’t being immune to struggle.
However, after her launching a solo music career, over 7 million albums and 22 million singles sold, she hardly embarked and finished two tours. She retreated to life of solitude which led to her writing the first Christian hit single titled “Nobody.”
On Instagram, she has about 110 million followers, also known as “Selenators” whom she thanked for their passionate support, which allows her to do what she loves to do every day.
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She is loved for her down-to-Earth, “I’m-just-like-you” posts, ranging from a picture of her leading worship at a Hillsong concert to comments about a Judah Smith sermon.
However, Selena isn’t just putting up a show for her loving fans as the very things they like most about her are – authenticity, groundedness and her maturity are the motivations responsible for her recent retreat from the limelight.
In an interview she had with Vogue, it was revealed by her that she deleted Instagram form her phone and on purpose forgot her password because she hated the emotional rollercoasters of likes, comments and dislikes.
She took this decision while she discovered her addiction to the social media as it was controlling her life, she distanced herself from it. I know several questions have been brewing as regards what she does if not interested in social media.
Questions like “how does she perform her job duties?” Selena has carved out a life of solitude, ignoring her societal standards by living “in an Airbnb in the Valley,” leaving the house for long drives with her girlfriends.
Her niche of solitude came after she canceled two tours due to a lupus diagnosis and psychological burnout, both in 2014 and 2016.
She laments, especially now that her audience of innocent children has changed into a mosh pit of teens and young adults who drink and smoke. At her young age, she felt like she had no wisdom to offer misled youths.
Since she also experienced typical “young adult” struggles alongside cutting ties with her longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber, who of recent declared his faith publicly. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” which is the first part of her viral musical video, is an audio-recording of Selena’s psychotherapy session as she wants to recover from heartbreak. And this access is another reason why her fans are obsessed.

The comfort of nightclubs is not in any way compared to that of home, she is more than happy sharing her faith publicly and proudly asserting that she is a Christian.
In a bid to guard her heart, she walks the fine line of being open about her pain and also protecting her personal life.
Her first worship song was composed during the time of her solitude – entitled “Nobody” and dedicated it to “the one thing that holds it all together for her.”
One of her fan being curious, inquired who the lyrics were for as it was ambiguous, Selena gave a quick and straightforward answer on Twitter, “GOD.”
Below is one of her profound and personal relationship with God in this song’s moving lyrics:
No oxygen, could barely breathe
My darkest sin, you’ve raised release
And it’s all because of you, all because of you
I don’t know what it is, but you’ve pulled me in
No one compares, could ever begin
To love me like you do
She remarked in her interview with Vogue, “I… can’t wait for people to forget about me.” With the release of her new song, it is clear that Selena hopes fans will redirect their enthusiasm from her to God, the ultimate celebrity.