The Bible says;
‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. – Acts 2:17
I am so excited that we are in that last days, that was promised and prophesied in the word of God, we are seeing the manifestations of the last days in our midst, and we are dazed at the mighty move of God in the midst of his people.
Blessed be the name of the Lord both from now and forever, The Miracle i am about to share with you took place at Dunamis Healing and Deliverance service two weeks ago, if you are not attending this service, Sincerely, I can boldly say, you are missing out in Big time, because God is doing mind blowing tings in that meeting, unbelievable things are happening and lives and destiny are been rescued and restored!
It takes place every Tuesday from 9am to 2pm, at Dunamis International Gospel Center, The Headquarter in Abuja, with God’s Servant, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche ministering live alongside his wife, and just like the name of the program, there use to be Notable Healing and Deliverance that takes place to set the captives free, many people who have even oppressed and afflicted for many years, they are been set at liberty and we bless the name f the Lord for this.
Now, let’s go into today’s Testimony and how it happened, we had various testimonies when God invaded the service and God’s Servant told us at the count of 7, we should lay our hands on our head and shout Glory!!!
Various people were delivered and various cases were sorted by the power of God’s Presence in that meeting, which was very powerful and NOTABLE!
But, there was this particular Young came out to testify, he said, he is been oppressed by the Spirit of Death, many times he is afraid, and many times he feel an accident or evil will happen to him, but fortunately he came to Dunamis Church one day, and got one of Daddy’s Intimacy Record CDs and was listening to the song, “You are always There to Help” Written and Received by God’s Servant himself; since then, according to him, he as always listen to the song in his Shop, one day he was going out with his brother inside  a Taxi, and the last thing he could remember was  a Noise from a Car that hit their own vehicle, after then, he said, he saw his Body moving in the air, and nobody was able to see him, he was moving alone and was just going, as if there is no destination, he said, he kept going, and all of a sudden, he heard that Daddy’s Song
You are always there to help, You are always there to help me, even when no one else was there, you are always there for me, even when I can’t see you, even when I can not trace you, I still have Faith in your Word, That You’re always there for me“.
He said, as he heard the song, The next time was that he saw himself on the bed in the Hospital with cloth covering his Eyes, that was when he realize that, he had just Died!
But the God of my Father, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche restored Life back into his Body and he came to Give God the Glory at the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service.
There as been so many times, when people died, totally dead, and God restored them back to Life in Dunamis.
This is not the first of it’s kind in Dunamis Church, we have had too many of such testimonies and Strange Acts of God in our midst and we are not taking it to granted, we return all the Glory back to God the Almighty, whom alone is worthy to be Praise and Glorify!
He as perform the word of his Servant and Fulfill the counsel of his Messenger, we give God Praise!
Is the devil after your life? Is the Devil trying to torment you, oppress or frustrate you? Please don’t die for nothing, don’t let the devil kill you for nothing, you can make your way down to the Dunamis Church and you will see the hand of God in a way you have never seen it before in your life in Jesus precious Name!
God bless you.