Nothing has power to shine in the midst of darkness except light. Now, salvation makes you a child of light which makes you dominate in your world.
Those who commit themselves to serving God, they are entitled to being exempted from the torments of life Malachi 4:1.
Whatever represents a plague of death in any area of your life, that plague of death is cursed in Jesus’ name!
Every cycle of death in your family, it is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
I don’t know what mountain is standing in the way of your desires, today; they are melted away in Jesus’ name!
Whatever habit that has held you bound, you are waking free this season in Jesus’ name!
I see your command of signs move to another higher dimension!
Every shame and reproach is rolled away from your life in the name of Jesus!
As you go out this week, God will give you wisdom that exceeds this world!
An end has come to every struggle to get a job in the name of Jesus!
By the anointing, that affliction is terminated in Jesus’ name!
Congratulations and welcome to your New Dawn Era!
He’s the destiny molder, the story changer; today you will encounter your change of story!