Father, We thank you over our lives, for your Faithfulness and Committed towards our Advancement – Malachi 3:6
Father, We ask that as we pray, Every Situations will take a new turn in our lives – Psalm 56:9
We Decree Advancement on every Aspect of our lives and we put an end to Stagnation in Jesus name – 3 John 2
We frustrate the Agenda of the Enemy over our lives, Family and all that concerns us – Isaiah 44:25
We declare the Lordship of JESUS over our lives and Destiny, only God’s Kingdom shall prevail in all faucets of our lives – Philippians 2:10
We Pull Down every Ancestral Stronghold and we Jeopardize long term Battles and Affliction in the Family –  Exodus 14:13
We Decree a New Season of Freshness and Uplift in our lives and Destiny – Psalm 92:14
We bind every Strong Man, move every Mountains before us in the name of Jesus! – Zechariah 4:7
We silent every ranging Storms and establish the Peace of God in every area of our lives – Mark 4:39
We Decree consistent Breakthroughs over the Journey of our lives in Jesus name! – 3 John 2
We access Wealth of Darkness and Hidden Riches of Secret places in Jesus name – Isaiah 45:3
We decree the release of our harvest from the Four Wings of the Earth – Ecclesiastes 5:9
We Rebuke the Devourer and Accuser over our Lives and Destiny in Jesus name – Malachi 3:11
We decree Peace over Nigeria and the Church in Jesus name! – Psalm 122:6
We command our Families to breakthrough and Breakforth in Jesus name! – Isaiah 8:18
Father, as I pray in the Spirit, I access Fresh Oil from above right now in Jesus name! – Psalm 45:7