Oh God our Father, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Father of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.
We worship your majesty. We know you as the Almighty. There is nothing that is too hard for you.
You frustrate the tokens of liars. Yes they may gather, but because they have not gathered in your name, scatter them.
The Fulani moslems, well organized, have encircled us with high calibre arms and ammunitions pretending to be cattle rearers, waiting for orders to overrun our land and kill our people. They have perfected their strategies. They beat their chest and ask, “who can stop us now?”
But can the Fulani say it and have it come to pass when you have not decreed it? You are very clear that you disappoint the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.
Now, Oh LORD:
Arise and defend us; contend with the Fulani that contend with us.
Frustrate and throw out the National Grazing Reserves and Ranches Commission bill before our National Assembly. Give our senators and representatives the courage and number to defeat that ill conceived bill as it is intended to enrich one ethnic group at the expense of others in Nigeria and to advance islamization of our country.
In the seeming perfectness of their strategies, Oh LORD, let not their hands perform their enterprise.
Oh LORD, protect us. Stop them from destroying our farmlands, raping our women, killing our people, burning our houses, kidnapping and robbing us.
They are gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ. For of a truth against your holy child Jesus, whom you have anointed, they are gathered together. And now, Oh LORD, behold their threatening and grant our prayers.
Oh LORD send us human and angelic helps. We totally depend on you.
Thank you for your love for us and for hearing us. We pray in Jesus wonderful Name! Amen.
Pray it daily.
Share widely.