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Last month, Nathaniel Bassey, on his Instagram page, started the one hour tongue challenge which of course involved praying in the Spirit for about one hour during the early hours of the day throughout the month of May.
Strange as it sounded from the beginning, loads of people joined from all over the world and it recorded a huge success as testimonies rolled in from angles on the action of the miraculous.

Little did we know that that was just the beginning.
This month, he announced that he was being led of God to start up a Halleluyah challenge similar to the One hour tongue challenge but this would take a different turn as it would involve praising God and not necessarily praying during which there would be an Instagram broadcast live between 12-1 am where people could join him in worship.
This hallelujah challenge was inspired by the biblical story of Paul and Silas who got freedom from prison after they engaged in praise and worship to God.
A few days back, he started laying emphasis on the world OLOWOGBOGBORO [a Yoruba name used to describe an attribute of God as the one with long arms that delivers his children] as that was the name God laid on his heart for the season to be revealed to his people.
As usual, no one could ever have guessed what God was up to.
From testimonies of financial increase to that of new jobs, miraculous conceptions, safety and deliverance from evil amongst others, many have had to testify about Olowogbogboro.
Just last night, the challenge recorded over 24,000 participants on Instagram live.
People are definitely not here to play.
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