Hi Farmers, today I wanna share something very powerful for us all, in this industry, we need to think and go commercial many times, in decision making and Business plans, Livestock Farming is a big potential filled Industry, but the market and returns are not the same.
We need to think out of the Box, and make our choices based on Fact and True Information so that we can have Remarkable result, The Truth is, Animal Production is an obligation that humanity will forever need, because recently, FAO statistics shows that the World need more Animal Protein in daily diet than ever before, and this calls for continuous production in order to meet up.
Today, I want to discuss extensively on ‘Fish Farming and Poultry Farming’ and which one is most Profitable between the two of them?
We have a lot of Poultry Farmers in the country, especially in Africa and Poultry has been right before the discovery of the modern days system of Domesticating Fish in a Pond was discovered.
Also in Nigeria, for example, we have more people who are into Poultry farming than Fish Farming, an fortunately am not just going to be writing on these two farming system alone, I have also practice the two in the time past and I am still into Poultry Farming till now.
I must say, from my Experience, Poultry Farming is by far more Lucrative Than Fish Framing Business and I will share my reasons in few mins from now.

There are so many Restrictions around Fish Farming in Nigeria, as we will be using this part of the world as a case study, the weather condition, the water availability factor, expensive fish feeds, sometimes we have the best feeds imported and not all farmers can afford that, most of the local improvised feeds are not always giving the best results that we desire, many people also lack the adequate Technical know-how that could have been employ to improve the output of the fish business, so they tend to run at loss.
There is a big market for Poultry all across the country, talk about chicken meat, egg production, and the dungs, they are all income channels by which farmers make very good returns.
So Poultry is very lucrative in Nigeria, so also, the demand for poultry production especially Egg is on the increase daily, apart from local consumption, we have commercial industry like Paint Industry utilizing Egg as their raw materials, so the demand is very high, even till now, Nigeria still import Egg because the local production as not meet the level of ever rising demand in the country.
Poultry does not need a kind of soil or weather condition, since the building is erected on the land, and the inner environment of the poultry house can be greatly controlled as desired by the farmer, that is not the case with Fish Farming, there is a kind of topography and soil that is best for Fish Farming, and it has been discovered over time, that the earthen pond delivers the best result in Fish Farming, and not the concrete pond system, and it takes a lot of experience and expertise to successfully manage the ‘Earthen Pond’ and water is a major concern here too, it has been proven over time, that  Flowing water, probably streams and river are also the best for fish, so if you position your pond around a flowing water body, then you are in for a great deal, but this is not always the case with most fish farmers in Nigeria, getting a water body around is not so easy, and due to that, most people have to spend money to even get water to their pond apart from the normal feeds expenses and thus, it’s increasing the expensive on the long run, Fish are also very fragile livestock, considering the fact that, they are always inside the water, aquatic animals, they are not seen, and farmers (Especially the new ones) run at loss, because many times, a large number of fish dies inside the water but they don’t know, and that makes them to run at loss, this is simply because the fishes are always inside the water, and cannibalism is on the increase most times, especially when the Heterotrophic Fishes are growing faster, they tend to eat the smaller ones and eat larger part of the feeds, all these are constrains in Fish Farming Business. But in the case of Poultry Farming Business, this is not the case, it’s entirely different, because you can see the number of birds, and if the management is good enough, you can be sure of less morality rate.
With invention of Battery Cage and Deep Litter System, we have perfect housing system for various categories of Poultry Birds, as layers tends to perform best in Battery Cage and Broilers do well with Deep litter system, most of the lands that are not good for farming due to one reason or the other can be used for Poultry buildings, with the ever growing Restaurant and eating place in various cities today, there is an ever increasing demand for Poultry Products, ranging from Egg to Meat products.

Most Houses and Home tends to use Poultry product daily, we once raised a research work and we discover there is a prevailing ‘Christmas Chicken Culture’ that has taken almost all parts of the world, such that most festive periods, especially Christmas aren’t complete for many people until they eat Rice and Chicken, things like; Snails, Pork, Fish, Egg, Beef are alternative to chicken, it is those who cannot afford to buy chicken (probably based on the volume of consumption that will accompany the festive period in their house) that consider the alternative Options.
I also made an analysis sometimes ago on the Profitability of Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria and am gonna show that to you in this Article right now;

Layers is a Money Magnet and it has so much Potentials in it, I wouldn’t want to say it’s beyond Broilers, but am sure, after this Write-up, you will be able to make your choice.
Eggs are needed and consumed on a daily basis, most folks during festive season tends to go for Egg when they can’t afford Fish or Chicken, Restaurants and Eateries utilize Egg daily, families with Children also consume Egg daily, Egg is utilized as part of Ingredients for manufacturing Snacks, Egg rolls, Cakes, Paint Industries also utilize Egg as raw material to manufacture their Products.
The Demand for Egg currently in Nigeria is so high, that we have not been able to meet the market, due to that, the Country still import Eggs, this is an eye opener to the level of Demand that is currently available and accessible in the Poultry Industry.
Egg Production is one of the industries that can never be stocked or exhausted in Nigeria, you just need to learn and position your Business strategically, in order to be able to maximize the potential in this Industry.
Now, Let’s do a little analysis, you can run a Layer Poultry Farm and have about 50 Crates of Egg on a daily production basis, and a crate of Egg currently sells for #1000, that would be 1000 x 50 = 50,000. Now 30 crates of egg x 30days, that is 900 Crates;
900 x 1000 = #900,000!
So you will be earning #900,000 on a Monthly Basis, that is a whooping Profit, Now if you have more than this number of crates daily, then you’d be making more than that, of course you are going to incur cost of production like Feeding, Housing, Medication and all sort, but the good aspect of the whole story is, in a short while, the Birds will begin to yield sufficient money to feed themselves and you would not have to spend extra money from your pocket for feeding.
The Egg sales will begin to generate sufficient funds to keep the Business running.

There has been many instances of having scarcity of Market for Fish and because they are aquatic animals, farmers as to sell them at poor price which does not yield the expected return making many to run at loss.
Fish Farming requires great level of expertise, and Capital, it is Capital intensive, the cost of running is also high, water and feeds are major needs, if the water runs dry, the Business will shutdown, so a lot of critical factors must be put into consideration before venturing into it.
Poultry also requires Capital, but it can be start small base on your capacity and grow with time, you can master the industry while you have just a few stocks for a start, you can also manufacture your own feed composition without incurring so much money and the birds will grow just fine and perform excellently well, the two requires certain level of technical know-how in order to maximize the industry.
My Recommendation: Go for quality intensive training and learn the practical steps involved to make it  a Success, learn from the expert and those that have results to show, those that have been in the industry before you, there will be a lot of experiences to learn from them, insight and helpful knowledge, and tips to Succeed.
Above All, I must establish the fact that, Agriculture and Livestock Farming is never a get-rich-quick scheme! No!
It takes a considerable time and investment for you to begin to enjoy the return on your investment, Many Youths need to know this, Agriculture is one of the richest and potential Industry across the nations of the world, but it is operating the law of Seed time and Harvest, you will let time pass before you reap the reward, if you are trying to get rich quickly, farming might not just be for you, because they are ‘Livestock’ and that makes them to be fragile, the fragility involved requires care, attention, patience, and consistency in order to make something meaningful out it.
Note: Fish Farming is a Growing Business in Nigeria with great future and potentials, a lot of investors are looking into it and it is profitable also, we are only making a comparison here, and considering which one is more secure and most profitable between Fish and Poultry.
What do you think about our opinion today? You can share yours with us via the comment space below.