In Poultry Farming, Housing System is a major factor of Importance, that we must give attention to, because it goes a long way to determine the Success of the Venture, and how best the Birds would relate with their environment, there are various housing system for various Birds, but In this article, we are going to be looking into two major ones, and that is Deep Litter System and Battery Cage System.

These are the two most commonly utilized system and they are the modern day contemporary system of Farming in the Poultry Industry.

But the Question is, which of the two system should be encouraged or which one is the best?
Before we can answer that Question, we need to consider what kind of Birds we are raising; for instance, in Broilers, the best system over time as been discovered to be ‘Deep Litter System and in Layers the best system is ‘Battery Cage System’.
Deep Litter System
In this system, the Birds are allowed to move around the house freely, and their feeders and drinking trough are played on the ground or suspended in the air, lowered downward enough for the birds to eat and drink, it is the best system when looking into Broilers Production, because they are fatteners and they require some space for exercise so as to be able to burn the Fat off their body successfully.
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Broilers are susceptible to Heat Stress, thus they need a lot of ventilation and movement, the buildup of fat in their body can affect them on the long run, if there is no enough room for ventilation and exercise, that is why Broilers cannot survive in Battery Cage, they are best in Deep Litter, we look into the area of Concentration before we know which is the best option and decision to make in Poultry Housing.
On the Contrary, Layers can eat their egg, since it’s very accessible and within their reach in a Deep litter system, they also tend to practice cannibalism to a great extend when they are in Deep Litter System that is why the best system for Layer Birds, is – Battery Cage System.
Battery Cage System
In this case, the Birds are confined into a separate individual cage where their movement Is controlled, their feed trough and water trough has been customized together with the Cage in such a way that, it’s right there in front of them, it is mainly designed for Poultry Birds (Egg Producers) Layers’ and there is a space downward where the eggs rolled into, making it out of the reach of the Birds, this system saves Cost better and reduce Egg Cracks and Wastage, also the durability of the Battery Cage is higher, as it can be used over and over again, year in, year out, we have many galvanized metal equipment used in making this housing system, thus, making it strong and reliable enough for reuse for a long time.
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The Battery Cage is always placed inside the Poultry Housing, with good ventilation, roofing, net and system that recycle or eliminate the droppings of the birds.
I want to believe, you now understand the differences between the Battery Cage system and the Deep Litter System now?
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