I remember sometime ago I attended an event somewhere in Ilorin, and I felt an urge to urinate, I checked the convenience of the facility and concluded it wasn’t worth the use, one could probably faint there in. So I opted to find a good place around to “titrate”.
I walked round but finding a place was really hard, not until I Perceived the smell of urine somewhere around, then immediately it occurred to me that “this is the place”.
The place had placed itself as a geographical location for the act of “titrating” cos so many people had done same around and at that same location.
So to say it had become a portal through which urine is taken off of a human.
As much as this is a location, it had been transformed from just being an ordinary location, to a place to ease off the human body.

In the realm of the spirit, portals could be in geographical locations and also in Humans.
The Lord’s prayer says “Our father, who are in heaven, thy kingdom come”. God’s desire is to see His kingdom established on earth, but for His kingdom to be established He needs a portal through which it will be released. Every kingdom comes via a sound, that was why when in Genesis, God wanted to form the earth, he spoke, let there be light.
Thereby radiating the light from where He is seated in heaven.
Sound is key in establishing kingdoms and that is why as musicians and music ministers we must be a prepared vessel and a portal through which God will release His Sound here on earth.
David was a ready vessel and God found Him a ready portal through which He always revealed His sound and thereby sent forth His Glory.
As much as we prepare our selves skillfully, never forget that God’s counsel and passion is to see His kingdom established.
God passion is first to play you, not even to play through you.
It is in your fellowship and intimacy with Him that He finds you a worthy portal to releasing His sound and establishing His kingdom.